Saturday, May 9, 2015

Part 42

The Toa all stood around the entrance of the core as they were about to bring Flying Robot Manatee back to life. They each concentrated their elemental powers, but before doing so Dinis said "We must be careful, we must make Flying Robot Manatee a Toa" "Why must we make Flying Robot Manatee a Toa?" asked Hiari "It's because we've got to maintain our current amount of power instead of transferring it all to Flying Robot manatee" said Dinis "I sense that it's the right thing to do in order to make sure there's not an abuse of power when Flying Robot Manatee has his powers back" said Uhuru "But, why in the form of a Toa?" asked Hiari "It's because he'll be brought back to life to tell us the secrets about Kanakeitto and then we'll kill him" said Dinis "Can I kill him? That sounds like fun and I'll finally be able to kill the crap out of that jerk Flying Robot Manatee" said Vapous "We'll focus on killing him once he tells us what we need to know" said Dinis "OK, I hope I get to do most of killing" said Vapous "Come on, let's bring him back to life in order to shut up Hiari" said Dinis. The Toa all stood around the core of Manateeland as they fired directly at the dark circle like hole that showed it's dark interior. It caused the small amount of dried skin and DNA that was of Flying Robot Manatee to combine and form a body as it glowed of a yellowy orange colour. The Toa all stood back a little bit as they watched Flying Robot Manatee come back to life. Dinis then walked towards Flying Robot manatee's new body as it was still in the process of being created and yelled "You're name is now Elige! You're now the Toa of Manatees!" Then Flying Robot Manatee spoke as his body was done being brought to life and said "I'm Elige Toa of manatees, what am I suppose to do?" Takatahi interrupted Dinis from speaking and said "You're here to make Hiari shut up" "Yeah, that's kind of true, but you're really here to tell us the past of Kanakeitti" said Dinis "Well, OK then" said Elige "So what's are some secrets about Kanakeitto?" asked Vapous "I don't remember, it's taking me awhile to remember anything to be honest" said Elige "Well that sucks" said Vapous "Yeah it does suck" said Dinis as he stared in anger at Hiari "wait hold onto to repetitive anger" said Uhuru "Why should we? We used up our time and power to bring back a Toa that has no idea what he's even suppose to remember?" said Vapous "When Pateri was inside of me, I shared his thoughts and if Pateri ever returned or if he does in another form, Flying Robot Manatee or in this case Elige is the only one that can destroy him for good" said Uhuru "But, didn't we already kill Pateri?" asked Dinis "This is sounding confusing" said Takatahi "Yeah we did kill him, but he had other plans...plans that have to do with the power Elige/Flying Robot Manatee has" said Uhuru "Can you give some specific details about what the plan Pateri has actually is?" asked Hiari "It's hard to remember for sure, but we must be careful" said Uhuru. Suddenly Elige's mask began to glow, the other Toa stared at him as he said "I think my mask is telling me to head down there" said Elige as he pointed down to the inside of the core "Well, goodbye and I'll tell you all whatever it is I find out" said Elige as he leaped down the core of Manateeland. The Toa all walked back to their villages as they decided to get back to doing what normally did which is looking over their villagers to keep them safe, but meanwhile something evil was lurking through Manateeland...something that was after Elige...