Sunday, May 10, 2015

Part 43

Meanwhile deep...deep in the core of Manateeland, Elige's presence as it enters the core causes it to reshape itself and create something unimaginable. Pateri's remains that are in the soil disappear and fly to the deepest part of the core as it transforms into a being named Wasomi. Almost all of Wasomi's body, but his glowing red eyes and yellow and orange accents on his armour appear almost invisible due to the darkness of the core "I will avenge Pateri, my Dad" said Wasomi as he stood in shadows "Soon I'll use my Kanohi Nyama to create something to get revenge on Flying Robot Manatee and the Toa who killed Pateri" said Wasomi "I'll strike the Toa and Flying Robot Manatee in a very surprising way..." said Wasomi as his stomach began to make a bunch of roaring noises "But first, I should eat something" Wasomi then fired a bucket of chicken out of one his mouths and ate it "Wow, this tastes awesome" said Wasomi as he began shoveling buckets of chicken down his mouth. Wasomi ate hundreds, maybe even thousands of buckets for about 3 or 5 hours until his stomach felt full "I feel full in a good way" said Wasomi as he was sitting on the ground with buckets of chicken in both of his hands "Now I'm ready to take on and defeat the Toa and Flying Robot Manatee" said Wasomi. Then he began to fly upwards through the dark caves of the core as he began his mission to stop the Toa and stop Flying Robot Manatee from knowing the secrets of Kankeitto's past.