Saturday, May 16, 2015

Part 44

Elige entered the inside of the core of Manateeland, it had changed a lot since the Toa were last in there and the biggest difference was that where the Toa had previously placed their Kanohi masks on the wall was now gone and was replaced looking hollow and very silver colour looking "Wow, this place looks really damn shiny and dark" said Elige as he looked somewhat astonished. Elige then walked a few feet away from where he had entered the core as he felt his mask glowing "This must mean there's something important near me" said Elige. Then he saw a carving of his Kanoih mask on the wall behind him "Wow, that was easier than I thought" said Elige as he took off his Kanohi mask of manatees as it exposed his silver head which had an emotionless smiley face on it. When he placed his mask on the carving on the wall, it caused the floor to disappear as Elige fell into a metal tube that made him slide downwards more and more into the core and the soil of Manateeland "This is getting and feeling kind of strange" said Elige as he didn't know what was going to happen next. Elige continued sliding downwards for about an hour or 2 and then he leaped out of the tube and jumped into a nearby cave. The cave was made of a dark turquoise colour of rock and had some small puddles all over the floor "Where am I?" asked Elige as he seemed confused and a little bit worried at might be happening next "You're where you need to be" said a voice that echoed through the cave "Who are you and show yourself" said Elige as he lifted his claw shield up into the air. Then out of a shadowy entrance came a short looking fellow that was a dark olive green colour and had a kanohi mask oh his face "Greetings Toa, I am Luonto...Turaga of nature" said the stranger "How do you know I'm a Toa?" asked Elige "It's because you're Kanohi mask just came out of that silver tube there" said Luonto as he was pointing towards the tube "Oh yeah that's right" said Elige as he walked towards the entrance of the tube and picked up his Kanohi mask of manatees as he then put it back on his face "Come in my cave and I'll tell what you need to know" said Luonto as Elige began to follow Luonto into the entrance of his cave like home.