Sunday, May 17, 2015

Part 45

Elige had now entered the home of Luonto and he was surprised as he saw Rahi living in harmony within Luonto's home and as he appeared astonished at what he saw was inside his home he asked "Hey, what element are those Rahi over there?" Luonto responded in comfortable tone "Their element is none because I created them" "How could you create Rahi? Aren't they created by the elemental powers that live inside the soil they live in?" asked Elige trying to figure out how Luonto could have made Rahi "Come and walk with me and meet some my Rahi" said Luonto as Elige followed. He pointed Elige towards A nearby Rahi called a Piparmetra as he grabbed Elige's hand and placed on the scale like, slightly pointy skin of the Piparmetra "Whenever I touch something, it can come to life" said Luonto "But, how?" asked Elige "I'm a Turaga of nature and that means my Kanohi Asili allows me to create living things beyond your imagination" said Luonto "So, why do you make small, cute Rahi that appear to have little to no elemental powers?" asked Elige "It's because my powers were reduced dramatically long ago..." said Luonto as he was quickly interrupted by Elige "Wait, you were once a Toa?" "Yeah, I was and if you let me finish what I'm saying I'll tell you my tale. Now come on, I've got some more Rahi to show you" said Luonto. Luonto showed Elige many of his other Rahi such as the Ziemelu and some Huaora. Elige appeared impressed and slightly calmer than he was before "Wow, these Rahi you have hear really have a lot of life in them" said Elige "That's because there's tiny little cracks in the ceiling and every once in a while small drops of protodermis come in here and some of my Rahi absorb it which gives them very minor elemental powers" said Luonto. Elige appeared shocked and interested at what Luonto had just said to him "So, you're saying you can see the surface above the core of Manateeland from where you live?" asked Elige "No, I can't see a damn thing from the darkness that's the ceiling of my cave and since it's located so underground, barely anything comes in here, but when it does it does for a reason which makes things become useful" said Luonto. Elige appeared somewhat worried at what Luonto had just said, mostly because he said that what ever comes in his home becomes useful, but Elige could say anything his stomach began to roar "Looks like you're hungry, don't worry I think I've got a few buckets of chicken that you can eat" said Luonto as he breifly looked behind him to see if he had any buckets of chicken to eat "You know what, I'll tell you the information you came here for and then you can go back to the surface of Manateeland" said Luonto "OK" said Elige as he appeared slightly bored for no reason. Meanwhile though, someone from Luonto's past was about to awaken and that would be something of good use for both Luonto and Elige.