Monday, May 18, 2015

Part 46

Meanwhile as Luonto is telling Elige his tale, in the village of stone Takatahi is eating buckets of chicken near a pile of stones. As he's eating buckets of chicken, he's also looking over some villager Rahi known as Matope "This is fun, just sitting back eating buckets of chicken and it appears that Hiari is finally going to get answers to questions he has" said Takatahi as he appeared to be in a relax mood. A pile of sand near Takatahi begins to spin and as it spins, it creates a body. The Matope see the sand forming into a body and they tell Takatahi "Something strange is going on behind you" Takatahi starts to turn his head as he gets up wondering why what his villagers are talking about and as he does, he the sand turning into a beige coloured being "Hey, who are you?" asked Takatahi "I am Nadharia, Toa of sand" said the being that created from the sandstorm "Wait, I thought me, Uhuru, Vapous, Hiari and Dinis...oh and also Elige were Toa" said Takatahi appearing to be confused "That's not true at all. Now I have a message you must pass onto the other Toa" said Nadharia "OK" said Takatahi "You must tell them something evil is lurking deep in the core and is heading to attack the surface. It could also harm Elige" said Nadharia "Wait, how do you know about Elige..." said Takatahi as he interrupted himself as he realized "Wait I just said Elige's name...maybe that's how you knew who he is" said Takatahi "No, his elemental aura or energy has caused the return of Pateri's spirit and in the form of a being named Wasomi" said Nadharia " do you know all this complex stuff?" asked Takatahi "I know this because I am from a time long ago and I've hid in the form of sand for a very long time. If something as important as what will happen soon happens, it could mean the return of Pateri. Please, you must tell the others that Wasomi is the son of Pateri and he's coming to seek revenge on you all" said Nadharia as he had a slight amount of urgency coming in his voice "OK then, I'll tell them and by the way you come back here any time" said Takatahi "I've hid as sand here this entire time, I've always been here" said Nadharia appearing slightly worried at Takatahi's relaxed response to what he had just told him "Now, I'll the others later, but first I've got to write it down on a rock" said Takatahi as he asked "So what was it you told me so I can remember it to write it down?" asked Takatahi as Nadharia began to walk away and said "You know what never mind, I'll go down the core myself and take Wasomi down on my own" Nadharia began to walk towards where all 5 villages meet as he was about to enter the core.