Sunday, May 24, 2015

Part 47

Nadharia began running towards the entrance of the core which is where all 5 villages meet. He felt slightly exhausted after running so fast "I must tell Luonto what I know" said Nadharia as he leaped into the entrance of the core. Nadharia fell into the silver tube which lead him to the cave Luonto and Elige were in and as he entered it he said "Wow Luonto really has gone deep to hide what he knows" then he saw Luonto as he was about to tell Elige his tale, but then Nadharia entered his cave and said "Hey Luonto, I've got something very important to tell you" "What is it?" asked Luonto "Pateri could return..." said Nadharia as he interrupted himself by breathing in and out from running so far "How could Pateri possibly return? Didn't Wasomi take his place?" asked Elige trying to get involved in the conversation Nadharia and Luonto were having "There is a very specific way that allows evil spirits like Pateri to return" said Luonto " I was saying..." said Nadharia as he was breathing in and out "Hey Nadharia, why are you so exhausted?" asked Luonto "I tried to tell the Toa about Pateri's return, but he didn't listen" said Nadharia "Which Toa did you ask?" said Elige "I asked the Toa of stone" said Nadharia "No wonder you had to run here, Takatahi is the last Toa you should tell important things to" said Elige "Why do you say that?" asked Nadharia as he was regaining his breath and began to not feel that exhausted from running "It's because he's forgetful" said Elige as he appeared to laugh a little bit while he was talking "Oh crap, why did I have to hide in the village that has the least reliable Toa in it" said Nadharia "Don't worry, if you tell him(Takatahi) enough, he'll remember and in fact he'll remember it so well it'll almost feel like a predictable routine to him" said Elige "Hey, I don't have time for that" said Nadharia "When something's important, you've got to make time for it" said Luonto in a strange agreement with what Elige had just said "Which way do you think Pateri...I mean Wasomi will enter Manateeland from?" asked Elige "It's most likely deep below and within the core of Manateeland" said Luonto as Nadharia nodded his head in agreement "I think we should leave the core and head up to the surface" said Nadharia "Not yet, I've got to tell Elige of my important tale" said Luonto "Fine, but make it quick because if Wasomi is entering the surface from the core, then that means we'll be in his way" said Nadharia "OK fine, now I'll start telling you my tale, but remember this stuff I'm going to tell is going to be very strange" said Luonto as Elige and Nadharia were standing in front of Luonto as he began to tell his tale...