Saturday, May 30, 2015

Part 48

In Kanakeitto, there was a team of Toa and they were Nadharia, Luonto and Pateri. One day the robot villagers decided to celebrate their success of being able to create Toa and offered the Toa buckets of chicken "That smells awesome" said Nadharia. All 3 Toa walked closer to the buckets of chicken that were in front of them that were in the hands of the robot villagers "Hey, let's eat it" said Luonto he and Luonto began eating the buckets of chicken the robot villagers offered to them, but as for Pateri "No thanks...I don't like buckets of chicken" said Pateri as he briefly shrugged his head to indicate his refusal to eat buckets of chicken. Nadharia and Luonto ate about a dozen buckets of chicken and then looked at Pateri surprised and a little bit worried that he didn't like buckets of chicken. Luonto walked towards Pateri and whispered to him "Uh hey, why don't you like buckets of chicken?"  Pateri stood a foot back as he felt Luonto's voice vibrate into his head. Pateri took a few seconds to answer, but he did in an almost emotionless voice and said "I just don't like buckets of chicken, I don't why and I don't care" Luonto and Nadharaia looked stunned. Luonto said to Pateri "It just doesn't seem normal or even natural to not like buckets of chicken" said Luonto "Yeah, how can you not think buckets of chicken are awesome?" said Nadharia "Look, I just don't like buckets of chicken and there's nothing you can do to change that!" said Pateri sounding angry. Pateri's eyes began to glow slightly as the white, fuchsia and cyan mist that surrounded them appeared to contrast him. The robot villagers looked worried that Pateri didn't think buckets of chicken are awesome and then Nadharia got an idea "Hey, I know what we should do! We should shove buckets of chicken in Pateri's face until we pressure him into eating one" Luonto responded in calm, but the agreeing tone which also sounded happy "That idea sounds...amazing and awesome!" They both stared at Pateri as he stood in the mist, appearing to almost be trying to hide from the Toa when Nadharia walked up to where Pateri was standing and said "Don't worry brother, we'll make you realize the awesome powers buckets of chicken have" Pateri appeared to be trying make himself some space from the Toa as he felt annoyed by their attempts to make him think buckets of chicken are awesome.