Sunday, May 31, 2015

Part 49

About one or 2 days after Nadharia, Luonto and Pateri were offered buckets of chicken to eat by the robot villagers, Pateri was busy doing what he and the other Toa normally did and that was look over the robot villagers and help or rescue them if they accidentally did something wrong, but as this was happening Luonto and Nadharia were walking behind Pateri as he watched some robot villagers mine some protodermis which contained different elements in them. Luonto then put his hand over one of Pateri's shoulders and said to him "Want some buckets of chicken?" Pateri appeared startled at Luonto sneaking up on him and accidentally fell. Pateri fell on about 2 or 3 robot villagers and accidentally killed them "Oh crap I think we just caused a murder" said Nadharia as he stepped back an inch or 2. Pateri then got back up and said "Hey what's wrong with you?" Luonto reacted and said "I thought maybe today is the day that you eat a bucket of chicken?" "I don't want a bucket of chicken, I'm busy looking over the villagers" said Pateri "So maybe later today you'd want to eat a bucket of chicken?" asked Luonto appearing to sound optimistic "No, now get out of my damn way or else I'll accidentally fall on top of you!" said Pateri appearing to be threatening Luonto and Nadharia "Come on, maybe we should just go" said Nadharia "Damn right you should leave!" said Pateri. Luonto and Nadharia then left Pateri alone for now. Later that day Pateri was standing in the most mist areas of Kanakeitto where the fog caused many to barely see anything "Now I can relax and left alone with my thoughts" said Pateri as he was calming himself down by clearing his mind somehow, but then Luonto and Nadharia saw where Pateri was standing "It looks like Pateri's tired" said Nadharia "Hey I know! We should feed a bucket of chicken to him while he's asleep and that'll give him energy" said Luonto "Yeah that'll work for sure" said Nadharia. Luonto flew down to where Pateri was while Nadharia transformed himself into a pile of sand that was on Luonto's wrist Luonto and Nadharia then walked up to Pateri and Luonto touched Pateri's mouth as he slowly began putting a chicken leg inside his mouth "Come on brother, this will make you feel better" said Luonto. Then Pateri awoke and screeched a loud yell to them "What are you doing!!!? Can't I have some peace and quiet from you all!" Luonto appeared concerned and said "But, brother you've got to eat a bucket of chicken" "Yeah it's super awesome" said Nadharia "I don't care now leave me alone! yelled Pateri as his yell vibrated so loudly that it caused Nadharia and Luonto to float away from him and also caused many robot villagers to experience many traumatic visions from the loud yell. The next Luonto talked to Pateri and said "Brother, this is serious" said Luonto. Pateri appeared to not give any importance in Luonto's words and said "I don't care if it's serious just leave me alone" "Now listen, please if you listen to this I'll leave you alone" said Luonto as his voice began to sound depressed "OK fine, but don't harass me to eat buckets of chicken anymore and same goes for Nadharia harassing me" said Nadharia "OK, but that's just the thing...You see, the robot villagers have had some problems with your yell from yesterday and they decided to punish you for it" said Luonto. Pateri appeared scared about he was just told and said "Go on..." "You said I should leave you alone and I will so goodbye brother" said Luonto as he flew away from Pateri. The next day. Pateri was looking over some robot villagers to make sure they were safe while mining for protodermis. A small group of robot villagers walked up to him and said "You've been invited to the be part of an important event that'll take place at the most mist filled part of Kankeitto" "OK then" said Pateri as interrupted himself from saying anything else as he thought the robot villager had more to say, but he didn't have more to say. Later that day Pateri went to the mist filled part of Kankeitto. There he saw Nadharia and Luonto standing there as he said to himself "Oh crap. They must here to make me eat buckets of chicken" then a dozen robot villagers from each element stood with Nadharia and Luonto as Luonto said in an emotionless tone "Pateri, you're charged with not thinking buckets of chicken are awesome and bunch of other stuff I really don't give a crap about" Luonto paused for a few seconds and then said "You're punishment is death and being turned into a spirit" Pateri appeared scared and tried to escape from the mist filled part of Kankeitto, but as he did Luonto and Nadharia ran away from him as Pateri decided not to run as the robot villagers all stood near him "OK, make this quick because I can't take being here anymore" said Pateri as he was about to accept his fate. The robot villagers then fired all of their energy directly at Pateri as his yells of pain echoed all over Kankeitto. Pateri's body then began to look dark and hollow and appeared to be looking gray as a dark purple spirit began coming out of the top of his head. Pateri's torture and suffering were now far from over.