Friday, June 5, 2015

Part 50

Pateri now felt a new power flow through him, but it was one which he hated and felt too familiar "What have you done to me?" asked Pateri as he was now turned into a spirit. A robot villager responded "We've turned you into a spirit that's able to make buckets of chicken" "What..." but before Pateri finished talking he then interrupted himself "Oh crap this super sucks" Luonto and Nadharia briefly returned to where Pateri was "Hey Pateri have learned your lesson yet?" asked Luonto "Lesson...what lesson is this? You've had them turn me into this...this piece of crap" said Pateri as he began to hate his life. Luonto then spoke out bluntly saying "Maybe this will teach you the awesomeness of buckets of chicken" "OK, do what you've got to!" said Nadharia very quickly. The robot villagers then fired at Pateri's old now lifeless body and transformed into a flying robot manatee "Pateri, for the crime of not believeing buckets of chicken are awesome, you must feed buckets of chicken to Flying Robot Manatee everyday for ever" said a robot villager "OK, but before I do...look over there" said Pateri as he began to fly away "Quick kill him!" shouted a robot villager "How are we suppose to kill him if he's a spirit?" asked another robot villager. Another robot villager responded saying "We've the power to kill him". Luonto and Nadharia began running away as they were being stalked down by Pateri. Pateri then floated into a place where prototype Toa were being created and destroyed them using his dark elemental powers "If I'm cursed to make buckets of chicken for that piece of carp manatee, then I better make sure no one will ever stop me when I stop making buckets of chicken" said Pateri. Luonto and Nadharia then walked up to Pateri as they witnessed Pateri destroying prototype Toa and then Luonto said to Pateri "Brother, you must stop this before it's too late" Pateri then went into Luonto's body and and told him "I'll stop attacking prototype Toa and leave you alone if you give me your powers" Luonto appeared confused at what had just happened and then agreed to Pateri's demand "brother, what the crap are you doing?" asked Nadharia as he saw Luonto appearing to surrender to Pateri and suddenly Pateri began taking away Luonto's powers until he appeared to be a weak, old Turaga. Pateri then flew away as he began flying with Flying Robot Manatee to the newly formed island planet of Manateeland which was created by the robot villagers in order for Flying Robot Manatee to protect something and show Pateri what his curse of making buckets of chicken can do which was create a god like being that looked over those who didn't know what to do. The robot villagers also found some blue prints for Toa and shoved inside of Flying Robot Manatee's brain in order to create Toa to protect Manateeland if anything ever happened to Flying Robot Manatee. That's Luonto's tales from when he was a Toa.