Sunday, June 7, 2015

Part 51

Luonto had just finished telling tale from when he was a Toa to Elige. Elige appeared interested and confused at what he just been told, but he was still curious for some reason "So...who's this Wasomi that Nadharia mentioned of?" asked Elige. Luonto was about to answer, but was then interrupted by Nadharia "Wasomi is Pateri's son, sort of" Elige then said to Nadharia "What do you mean sort of?" Nadharia then responded "Wasomi was created by Pateri, You see here long ago, right after Pateri turned Luonto into a Turaga he also gained some of his powers and that allowed him to create some very powerful Rahi and one of the Rahi he created was called Wasomi, but it was a Rahi that would awaken only if it's creator died and one year after Pateri was defeated, Wasomi began to be born" Elige appeared surprised at what he was hearing and said "Why did it take a year for him to awaken?" Nadharia then responded "It's because Wasomi is a species that takes one year to fully develop and gain consciousness" Elige then asked "What type of Rahi were you able to make when you were a Toa?" Luonto then responded "The Rahi I made when I was a Toa were nearly unstoppable and could destroy things such as the Taina worm which is able to eat the insides of those who attack it" Luonto then took a deep breath and asked "So, what else do you want to know?" Elige responded by saying "No, that's about it" Luonto said to Elige "OK, then good bye and remember to tell the Toa what we've told you" Elige was about to leave Luonto's cave and head up back to the surface, but then the ground began to shake slightly, something or someone was about to come out of the ground.