Sunday, June 7, 2015

Part 52

Meanwhile, deep below in the core of Manateeland, Wasomi was climbing upwards to reach the surface. He was climbing through the core since Elige was created by the Toa "Soon I'll reach the surface and I'll be able to start my plan" The walls he was climbing on were shaking and Wasomi appeared to almost fall, but then he began to grab onto the rock like walls using his claws on his feet. It allowed him place his Pateri blades back into the wall again to provide him stability "Looks like Manateeland can't handle my power" Wasomi's blades were too sharp and sliced through nearly every piece of rock they hit "Damn it, I've got some really awesome power in me" said Wasomi as he realized how unstable the walls he was climbing on were "I can't rest even for a second, I must keep climbing..." said Wasomi as he was trying to save his energy. He then slipped on a sharp rock and fell. As he was falling, he began to forget what he was doing as he was focusing on saving his own life. He then fired a bucket of chicken out of his mouth and ate it through one of his other mouths. It caused his body to glow a yellow and orange colour as he suddenly felt quicker "Now let's see what my power can really do" said Wasomi as he felt energy flow through him due to eating a bucket of chicken. Wasomi then leaped back onto the wall he was climbing to and quickly within a matter of minutes was back to where he was before he fell "Buckets of chicken have some awesome power, I must make sure I never lose this power because then I've got nothing except cursed mask making" Wasomi didn't rest for a minute as he ate a few dozen buckets of chicken each time he felt exhausted. The sun was setting when Wasomi was reaching the end of the rock like walls he had climbed through. As Wasomi was getting closer and closer to the surface he began to hear voices talking "That sound, it sounds familiar and it sounds like something I must protect myself against" Wasomi then began firing cursed Kanohi masks upwards into the air as he tried to break into the surface "Damn it, it's not working. I must make my surroundings feel pain" Wasomi then took his Pateri blades out of the wall and then leaped to the ceiling with his feet. He then went on all fours and stuck his arms and legs into the rock like ceiling. As he prepared to strike whatever was above him. Wasomi didn't wait for than a few seconds until he stabbed his Pateri blades into the ceiling and then the ceiling began to crumble. He quickly leaped through the rubble of the ceiling and entered the surface which appeared dark and was home to Luonto.