Saturday, June 13, 2015

Part 53

Wasomi leaped into Luonto's cave as Elige said "Look! Who's that over there?" Luonto answered "That's Wasomi" "How can you tell?" asked Elige "It's because of the Kanohi Nyama he's wearing" said Nadharia. Wasomi then rushed towards Elige and jumped on top of him "Hey! Let me go!" shouted Elige "I will...once you give me your dead body" said Wasomi "There's now way I'm letting you have my dead body" said Elige "Fine then, I'll have your alive body" said Wasomi as he was about to fire a cursed Kanohi mask at Elige's face, but before he could Elige blocked the cursed Kanohi mask by using his claw shield. Elige then punched Wasomi in the face using his claw shield and then leaped away from Wasomi "You're more clever than I thought" said Wasomi as his glowing red eyes stared directly at Elige "Very well then, if I can't have a dead Toa, I'll just have a dead Turaga" said Wasomi as he leaped towards where Luonto was standing. Luonto then began to hide himself behind some of the Rahi he created, but Wasomi killed them as he began hiding behind more and more Rahi he had made "Looks like these Rahi are pretty damn weak" said Wasomi as he Pateri blades were covered with the organs and elemental liquids of dead Rahi Luonto had created. Nadharia then transformed himself into sand and waited until Wasomi's attention was directly on finding Luonto "Should I leave here now and return to the surface?" asked Elige. Elige's voice caused Wasomi's focus to return to Elige as he began to leap towards him, but then Nadharia transformed back into a Toa and said "Hey! Wasomi, if you want someone to fight, then fight me and leave those Rahi, Elige and Luonto alone" "Very well then, but there's one thing I ask" said Wasomi "OK then, so was is it you ask?" said Nadharia "We fight on the surface" said Wasomi. Nadharia thought about for a few seconds and then said "Yeah sure" Nadharia and Wasomi then raced towards the silver tube that takes them back to the surface. As they were both being transported back to the entrance of the Core, Nadharia asked "Why are you trying to bring Pater back to life? You know he hates buckets of chicken?" Wasomi answered in a hyper tone "That's not what I plan to do?" They both reached the entrance of the core and then entered the surface of Manateeland "We fight here" said Nadharia as he leaped to the village of stone "Very well then...let the battle begin!" said Wasomi as they both stood a few feet apart as they were about to battle.