Sunday, June 14, 2015

Part 54

Nadharia and Wasomi stood a few feet apart as they waited to see who'd strike first. Nadharia spoke "So how should we determine who attacks first?" as Nadharia said that Wasomi ran at him, striking him using his Pateri blades. Nadharia fell to the ground. Wasomi walked towards where he was, but before he could attack him again, he used his Kanohi Hewa to transform himself into sand. As Wasomi began staring at the pile of sand that Nadharia hid as a group of Ririki were were walking and as they saw Wasomi they began to get scared and started running away yelling "Takatahi! There's something going on!" a few minutes later the villagers reached Takatahi and as saw that they were startled by something "You all look like you've just seen something weird" said Takatahi as he and the Ririki villagers began walking to where Wasomi was. Meanwhile, Wasomi was playing in the sand and said "Hey, are you dead because if you are, then I guess you won't mined if eat this sand that you turned into" Wasomi grabbed a pile of sand out of the ground with his Pateri blades and started putting it in his mouth, but before he it even reached his mouth, Nadharia transformed back into a Toa and jumped away from Wasomi and then he used his sand spear spikes to stab Wasomi in his torso, but it worked too well because Nadharia's weapons were stuck in Wasomi's organs "Oh crap, my weapons are stuck" said Nadharia "Looks like this is going to be easy to defeat you" said Wasomi as he was about to slice Nadharia's arms off with his Pateri bblades, but the pain from Nadharia's sand spear spikes made Wasomi pause as he tried to manage the pain of many of his organs being cut "Damn it, that's really starting to hurt" said Wasomi as it appeared that they were both at a stand still. Takatahi and the Ririki villagers then approached where Nadharia was battling Wasomi as Takatahi shouted "Hey! What are you doing?!" Nadharia took a few seconds to respond as he was too focused to battling Wasomi "I'm battling Wasomi! The guy I told you about!" "Oh, OK then, can you try to be more careful because you're kind of scaring my villagers" said Takatahi "I really don't give a crap about that right now. I'm too busy dealing with this thing that wants to destroy you and your village" said Nadharia as he was starting to get annoyed by Takatahi "Alright then, but I'm going to summon some help" said Takatahi "Nadharia then started to ignore Takatahi and said "Sure, do want you want, but I've some important crap to do" Nadharia then said to Wasomi "Looks like there's one way to defeat you" "I don't know what you're talking about" said Wasomi. Nadharia then began looking down at Wasomi and said "I'll kick your crotch" "No! Don't because that'll hurt" said Wasomi as he began worrying, but before Nadharia could even move one of his legs to kick him in the crotch, Wasomi suddenly fired a cursed mask at him. It caused Nadharia's weapons to let go of his organs as Nadharia was flung back by the high speed the cursed mask was fired at. Nadharia then noticed his weapons were covered in Wasomi's organs as the speed of the cursed mask made his weapons rip many of Wasomi's organs right out of his body "Wow for a cursed mask, this doesn't feel that bad" said Nadharia as immediately afterwards a giant Taina worm flew out of his chest as it ate his insides causing Nadharia's body to change from beige to gray and collapse to the ground. As Takatahi saw what had just he happened he ran to a nearby rock and said "I've got to get some help, but I forget how to do that. Oh well, maybe Vapous can help me" Takatahi then wrote a help message on a rock and flew it towards the village of Water.
Vapaus I need some help dealing with some weird stuff
Meanwhile in the village of water, Vapous was sitting back and eating a bucket of chicken "There's nothing to worry about so far" said Vapous as he was lying on the ground looking at the sky. Then a rock flew by and almost hit him. Vapous sliced the rock in half using his water blades "What messed up thing is this?" Vapous then put the 2 pieces of the sliced up rock together and read the message "So, it looks like Takatahi needs my help, but what does he need help with...maybe it's to remember something. Oh well, I'm on my way" said Vapous as he began running as fast as he could.