Thursday, June 18, 2015

Part 55

Takatahi was blocking the Taina worm whenever it tried to escape from the village of stone "Looks like you've got a lot to do, but so do I" said Takatahi. The Taina worm's attention then changed as he Vapous running towards the village of stone "Hey! Get back here! Oh man this is going to be bad" said Takatahi "It's going to be bad alright, it's going to be bad for this piece of crap that you're fighting" said Vapous as he ran towards the Taina worm "Vapous wait! We've got to contain this thing!" said Takatahi as he followed Vapous as he was chasing the Taina worm. Meanwhile, Wasomi briefly passed out on the ground "I must heal" said Wasomi as he could barely even breathe or speak "I must return to the cave...but first I must eat a bucket of chicken to give me energy" Wasomi focused his energy as he fired a bucket of chicken out of his mouth and ate it in another mouth. Suddenly Wasomi felt faster and although he didn't completely get back up from the ground, he began to crawl quickly on the ground and eventually entered the entrance of the core of Manateeland. He crawled to the silver tube that lead him to Luonto's cave and as the sound of Wasomi sliding through the silver tube was heard by Elige and Luonto, Elige asked Luonto "Do you think Nadharia won?" "I just hope so" responded Luonto. Elige walked close towards the silver tube to see who or what was coming out of it. Luonto walked to where Elige was and pushed Elige back slightly "Hey! What the crap was that for?" asked Elige "It's because that ain't Nadharia, it's Wasomi" said Luonto as he had fear coming out of his voice slightly. Wasomi eventually came out of the silver tube and as he did he crawled towards Luonto and said "Heal me" "There's no way you're going to get healed" said Elige as he began to lift his claw shield upwards "Yeah, sure if you Manateeland alone" said Luonto "That seems like a somewhat good deal, but let me take your cave and I'll let you both go" said Wasomi as he began to grab hold of Luonto by his shoulders "Hey! Get your weird weapons off of him!" shouted Elige as he slapped Wasomi in the face using his claw shield multiple times to see if it would cause Wasomi's grip of Luonto to loosen, it did but only slightly "Sorry about this, but I've got to do this for wasomi otherwise we could die" said Luonto as he jabbed his elbow blades into Wasomi's Pateri blades it caused his wounds from battling Nadharia disappear and when Luonto finished healing him Wasomi stood up from the ground and said "Thanks and get out of here before I forget my promise" Elige wanted to fight Wasomi, but instead ran upwards through the silver tube with Luonto. They both left the core of Manateeland as they stood at the part of Manateeland where all 5 villages meet "Hey why did you heal Wasomi?" asked Elige "If I didn't we wouldn't have escaped for you to tell the Toa the tale that you've just been told" said Luonto "I know, but I don't think it's worth Wasomi taking control of your cave" said Elige "Now it seems like a big deal, but in the long term it'll mean nothing because Wasomi has just allowed me and you to live which means you're the only one besides me who is living who knows the tail I've just told you" said Luonto as he sounded exhausted, but also relieved. Elige suddenly felt a new sense of confidence now that he knew he could fulfill his duty to the Toa and could tell them about Kankeitto's past.