Friday, June 19, 2015

Part 56

Takatahi and Vapous were chasing the Taina worm as it came closer to reaching the village of fire, it suddenly stopped running and began waiting fro Takatahi and Vapous to reach him. Takatahi and Vapous reached where the Taina worm was waiting "Hey, it's just standing there" said Takatahi "It's killing time" said Vapous as he ran directly at the Taina worm. The Taina worm then jumped at Vapous and began to circle Vapous, but Vapous' water blades glided through the Taina worm's trap "Wow! I almost died" said Vapous. Takatahi then grabbed the Taina worm using his stone hooked claws "Damn, this thing's heavy" said Takatahi as he tried to lift the Taina worm. Vapous then walked up to Takatahi as he attempted to lift the Taina worm and said "I can't wait to kill this thing" "Yeah, because this thing's nothing, but a heavy weight" said Takathi. Then the Taina worm began staring at Takatahi and Vapous as it's eyes glowed a yellow colour. The Taina worm then opened a mouth that hid below it's mask as a giant skeleton like tongue that was coloured dark green came out and began to strike towards the Toa, but they jumped back slightly before the tongue could reached them "What's that piece of crap trying to do?!" asked Vapous as he had fear in his voice "I saw it turn a Toa gray I think" said Takatahi "Oh crap, that super sucks because how are we gonna beat something that's trying to absorb our power?" said Vapous. Vapous then ran up to the Taina worm and fired springs of water at it using his water blades "Let's see if I can clean the weird absorbing things out of you" said Vapous as his focus was on battling the Taina worm. Takatahi then ran behind the Taina worm and began firing boulders at it's backside "Let's see if you're going to back down now" said Takatahi. The Taina worm then collapsed onto the ground "Is it dead?" asked Takatahi "I hope it is because I can't wait to slice this thing into pieces and maybe I'll make some of my villages eat it" said Vapous "That sounds messed up and kind of creepy" said Takatahi "Hey! It only sucks if it happens to you" said Vapous "Yeah, I guess that's kind of true" said Takatahi "OK then, now come on we got to kill this thing completely" said Vapous as he and Takatahi lifted the Taina worm together. As they were holding onto the Taina worm, it began to move slightly and then it leaped away from them "Oh crap this sucks because it's still alive" said Vapous. The Taina worm exposed it's dark green skull like tongue as it ran away "It's headed towards where all 5 villages meet" said Takatahi "Let's make that thing dead for real this time" said Vapous. They then saw the Taina worm enter the entrance of the core of Manateeland "You know what I'm exhausted from this" said Vapous "Me too" said Takatahi "You know what, I'm gonna go now. Bye! For now" said Vapous as he left to return to his village. "Bye brother!" said Takatahi. Meanwhile the Taina worm returned to Luonto's cave which Wasomi now controlled.