Friday, June 19, 2015

Part 57

At the part of Manateeland where all 5 villages meet, Luonto and Elige were standing around waiting around to see if the Toa would arrive "Whoa! What's that over?" asked Elige "Uh oh, It's a Taina worm. It's a dangerous Rahi that I was once able to create when I was a Toa, but for some reason it's retreating to the core of Manateeland" said Luonto as they both saw in wonder why a Taina worm which is known to eat the insides of it's enemies would be running to the core "How are we gonna tell the others about what I had just been told?" asked Elige "It's simple, use the power of your Kanohi mask of manatees and send a telepathic link to the Toa" said Luonto "OK then" said Elige as he fired a beam out of his mask which was headed to the village of earth. Meanwhile, Uhuru was meditating in the dark shadows of the village of earth which were contrasted with glowing green soil that were keeping the ground together. Uhuru then received a message through a telepathic link by Elige. In the message it created a vision which showed Pateri coming back to life and a dark creature which was Wasomi and as he received this vision, Uhuru began to shake as he began to fear what he had just been sent. Uhuru's eyes began to bulge out of his mask as he said "I must tell the others" Uhuru then fired a beam into the air using his drill hand. Uhuru and the other Toa then ran to where the villages meet.