Friday, June 19, 2015

Part 58

The Toa each arrived to the part of Manateeland where all 5 villages meet. They saw Elige and Luonto standing there waiting to do something "Hey! It's Elige!" yelled Dinis with relief "Please tell us what you've found out" said Hiari "Wait! Elige sent me a message that I must tell you all" said Uhuru "OK then, tell us what you need to tell us then" said Vapous "That's important and everything, but come on Elige. Tell us what you found out so we can kill you" said Dinis "I received a vision of Pateri's return" said Uhuru as his words sent shivers down the their thoughts "You mean...that things also almost all died to defeat" said Dinis "Yes..." said Uhuru as he was interrupted by Elige "I sent that message to Uhuru and I'll say this and that is Wasomi is Pateri's son and we must stop him before it's too late" "Nadharia has died from battling Wasomi and we must his dead body before Wasomi does" said Luonto "OK then, but why do we have to find his body?" asked Hiari "It's because it's part of a prophecy that's written down on the back of his mask and it's also on mine" said Luonto "Wait. What prophecy? What's going to happen if the prophecy is fulfilled?" asked Hiari "It is something that's gonna destroy everything we stand for" said Luonto "Can you be little bit more specific on what that means?" asked Takatahi as he appeared confused the conversation he was listening to "When we find his body can I slice it into pieces?" asked Vapous. The Toa and Luonto looked at Vapous with disgust. Dinis then said "We'll determine that later, but for now we've got to find Nadharia's dead body" said Dinis as he sounded like he was in a hurry "Where was Nadharia's body the last time any of you saw it?" asked Hiari "Uh...I forgot to tell you this, but I saw Nadharia warn me of Pateri's return and Wasomi and all that stuff, but I forgot" said Takatahi "Why didn't you tell us?" asked Hiari "You forget about too much crap!" said Dinis "Sorry about that, but I was busy hanging out with my villages and eating buckets of chicken" said Takatahi "Why did you forget to tell us about that?" asked Hiari "Well...uh...uh...what did you all do while waiting for Elige to return?" asked Takatahi as he tried to figure out what else to say as he didn't realize until now what he had saw was important "I sense he really forgot what we were talking about" said Uhuru "All right then, let's go find Nadharia's dead body, but first we should talk about what we did while waiting for Elige" said Dinis "Very well then, I guess finding Nadharia's body could wait" said Luonto. The Toa then began to tell stories about what they did while waiting for Elige's return.