Friday, June 19, 2015

Part 59

In the village of light Hiari was looking into the sky as he stared at bolts lightning and the brightness of the sun clashing together "I wonder what secrets Elige will have to tell us" said Hiari "This place is filled with nothing, but sunshine, lightning and rainbows" said Hiari as he wondered what the greater purpose of life is. Then a Uira flew near him "Hey, why have you come near me?" Hiari asked the villager "Some Hiko have had their ears stuck together and we need your help to make them not stuck" said the Uira "OK, but tell me how they got stuck together?" asked Hiari "Uh...I don't know, but come on let's go" said the villager as both he and Hiari flew down to where a group Uira and Hiko were playing. Hiari then saw about a dozen and a half Hiko as their ears were stuck together "OK I'll get you all not stuck, but first tell me how you all got stuck together" said Hiari. The Hiko didn't remember as they were just play fighting and jumping around. A villager responded to Hiari and said "We don't remember" Hiari appeared disappointed and said "Too bad for you all, now if you excuse me, I've got some buckets of chicken to eat and some thinking some great thoughts" Hiari began walking away and then a villager responded and said "We were play fighting and we went a little too far in realizing that we weren't actually fighting" Hiari then walked up to the villagers and said "OK, I'll help you all" Hiari then used his lightning saw shields and cut off the villagers' ears/antennas, but he separated them too much and accidentally killed them "Oh crap I just killed almost 20 villagers" said Hiari. The Uira flew away from Hiari and said as it was flying "Next time, I'll stay away from Hiari when I've got problems for him to solve"