Friday, June 19, 2015

Part 60

In the village of stone, Takatahi was sitting underneath the shade of a boulder as he and some Ririki and Matofail species of villagers were also sitting nearby some boulder as they sat back and ate some buckets of chicken with Takatahi "Hey can you all remind me to go to the core when Elige comes back" said Takatahi. Most of the villagers nodded their heads in agreement appearing to not be paying much attention to him and as many of the villagers continued to sit back and eat buckets of chicken, some of the boulders began to move that were behind them. Takatahi didn't notice, but then a nearby Matofail grabbed a pebble that was near him and threw at Takatahi. The pebble hit the telescopic lens on his mask, but it also caused the on button on his telescopic lens to work and as that happened Takatahi stood up from the boulder he was sitting in front of and said "Hey what's going on? Why does my head feel like it hurts?" Then Takatahi looked at some of the villagers as they saw a boulder almost fall and smash onto some villagers "Takatahi come help us" said a Matofail "Don't worry, I know what to do, I think" said Takathi as he lifted the boulder that was almost crushing the villagers. Some of the villagers then said to Takatahi "Hey watch out" a boulder was right behind Takatahi and almost hit him, but then he used his stone hooked claws and sliced into pieces as it was landed/heading right for him "Hey! There's more boulders wobbling" said a villager "Takatahi waited until the dust carried the boulders and flew right at him and then he sliced them into slices with his stone hooked claws. He used his telescopic lens and saw there were boulders nearby that were moving "What should we do now?" asked a villager "It's simple, stay here and I'll slicer those boulders to make flatter and more comfortable to lay back on" said Takatahi. Takatahi continued slicing boulders into slices and then returned to the villagers and said "Now we can lay back and eat buckets of chicken"