Friday, June 19, 2015

Part 61

In the village of earth, Uhuru was meditating as some Tetemeko were walking by him, they stared at Uhuru as he was still appearing almost dead, one of them walked up to him and his eyes opened. It startled the villager "Wow, you're senses are strong" said a villager "What task do you ask of me?" asked Uhuru " did you know that's what we were going to ask you?" asked the villager "It's because you talking and discussing how I need to help you get a bucket of chicken out of the wall" said Uhuru. The villagers appeared amazed and a little bit scared that Uhuru could hear their conversations "Wow, you're good at eavesdropping" said a villager "It's also because I could hear you all talking so clearly and loudly. Hey maybe next time you should all be more quiet when you're talking" said Uhuru "But, how could you hear what we're saying dozens of feet away from us" said the villager "It's because my senses are super strong and I could feel the vibration of the ground" said Uhuru "We should go. Sorry about interrupting you're weird thing you're doing. Come on let's eat another bucket of chicken." said the villager "I smell the bucket of chicken that's in the wall" said Uhuru. Uhuru then walked towards a wall that was nearby him and then he used his drill to drill the bucket of chicken out of the wall and then grabbed onto it using his claw "Here you go, you're bucket of chicken that got stuck on the wall" said Uhuru. The villager quickly took the bucket of chicken Uhuru had retrieved for him and said in a nervous tone "Uh thanks, next time we should just leave you alone"