Friday, June 19, 2015

Part 63

In the village of water, Vaous was waiting for Elige's return and decided to lay back and eat some buckets of chicken "I hope Elige comes back soon because I can't wait to kill him and see his dead body as I kill the reincarnated form of Flying Robot Manatee" said Vapous. A nearby Povu Rahi villager crawled up to him and said "You're brave right?" Vapous responded with pride in his voice and said "Damn right I'm brave" the Povu said to him "Me and some of the other villagers have a challenge for you" "Challenge accepted" said Vapous as he and the Povu then walked up towards a waterfall where a few dozen Ziwa and Povu were standing at the bottom of the waterfall as they cheered for Vapous' arrival. Another Povu walked to Vapous and the other Povu and said "Here's the challenge and it is..." he paused to sound dramatic and then said "Glide to the bottom of the waterfall" The villagers then chanted Vapous' name as he prepared to glide to the bottom "OK, I'm ready" said Vapous as he jumped down the waterfall. It was appearing that Vapous had disappeared as he hid behind the waterfall. The chanting suddenly stopped "Hey is he gone?" asked a villager "Maybe he's dead from being near too much water" said another villager. The villagers then started to argue and almost began fighting with each other, but then "Hey look at the waterfall now!" shouted another villager as they all saw in amazement as Vapous flew up in the air and then a few times glided up and down through the waterfall. He eventually glided to the bottom of the waterfall and landed near where some villagers were and said "I hid to see if you'd all start fighting" Vapous began laughing as he told them that. The villagers at first looked slightly angry at what Vapous had did, but then they cheered his name as they all began laughing at what Vapous had did "You're all so funny when you look like about to fight over something I did" said Vapous as it appeared that he had taken joy in confusing his villagers.