Monday, June 22, 2015

Part 64

The Toa finished telling their tales and began their search for Nadharia's body. The Toa along with Elige and Luonto walked to the village of stone where Nadharia's body was last seen, but as they walked to the village of stone Wasomi was in Luonto's cave with his pet Taina worm "Soon, my pet...soon the prophecy will be fulfilled and I'll be able to do something that'll let me take control of Manateeland and everything the Toa stand for" said Wasomi as he gently touched the scale like spiky skin of the Taina worm's back with his Pateri blade. Wasomi then walked to the silver tube which lead him to the surface, but before he did he said to his Taina worm "Stay here and protect my new temporary home" Wasomi then reached the surface and began skipping along to reach the village of stone. Meanwhile the Toa were searching for Nadharia's body "Takatahi! You need to remember where you last saw Nadharia!" said Dinis with rage in his voice "Welll...uh...let's see here...uh...this might take awhile" said Takatahi as he sounded nervous because he forgot a lot of what happened recently "We don't have time for you to be forgetful" said Dinis "Wait, I see something" said Uhuru as he pointed his drill hand towards an unusual shape that the sand made that was near him "What is it?" asked Hiari "I sense this might be what we've come here for" said Uhuru. The Toa all looked astonished at what they were seeing as they saw what appeared to be an imprint of Nadharia's body on part of the sandy ground of the village of stone "So where's the body?" asked Vapous with joy in his voice "Is his body even here?" asked Hiari "Hey Luonto, didn't you say Nadharia could transform into sand?" asked Elige "Yes, yes I did and that must be what happened" said Luonto. Luonto then touched the imprint that on the ground of Nadharia's body using his elbow blades and then the imprint transformed and his body appeared to the Toa and Luonto "Unfortunately, my power isn't strong enough to bring him back to life, at least his body has been found" said Luonto. Dinis and Takatahi grabbed Nadharia's dead body as they lifted it back where all 5 villages meet "Hey! Can I slice his body to pieces when we reach where we're going?" asked Vapous. Hiari then fired a slight bolt of lightning from his lightning saw shields at Vapous which hurt a little bit "Not now brother" said Hiari as his voice sounded serious "Well at least I didn't get zapped or kicked in the crotch" said Vapous "That is a good thing" said Takatahi as he and Dinis were lifting Nadharia's body "Hey! Less talking and more lifting this dead body" said Dinis. "Hey Luonto what are we going to do with his body?" asked Elige "Yeah, I want to know too" said Hiari. Luonto was about to answer, but was briefly cut off by Uhuru "I sense it's for something that's unknown and dangerous to our way of living" said Uhuru "Wow, that's what I was gonna say sort of" said Luonto "What do you mean sort of?" asked Hiari "Well, it's because if my memory is telling the truth, I think Wasomi could be trying to use Nadharia's body to bring Pateri back to life and maybe in his Toa form" said Luonto "I sense that is going to be his intentions if we don't stop him" said Uhuru. Meanwhile Wasomi standing at the part of Manateeland where all 5 villages meet while he was waiting for the Toa to return from finding Nadharia's body. As he was waiting he ate hundreds of buckets of chicken "This will make sure I'm strong and powerful enough to take on all the Toa" said Wasomi as breading from the chicken was starting to cover parts of his mask. The Toa eventually reached the part of Manateeland where all 5 villages meet, but when they did they were in for a problem...Wasomi was now waiting for them.