Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Part 65

The Toa reached the part of Manateeland where all 5 villages meet and at that moment Dinis and Takatahi let go of Nadharia's body as it then lied on the ground, but as they did so Uhuru said "Wasomi is right in front of us" Takatahi and Dinis didn't notice what Uhuru was saying as they felt kind of exhausted from lifting up Nadharia's body "Let's fight him" said Vapous with excitement in his voice "We'll be right there to fight with you all, but me and Dinis have to rest a little bit" said Takatahi "I'm super exhausted, but come on we got to battle this peace of crap" said Dinis as he ran straight towards Wasomi. A few seconds later Takatahi joined the others in their fight against Wasomi "Here, eat some buckets of chicken" said Elige as he threw buckets of chicken towards Dinis and Takatahi that were growing on the ground. They ate the buckets of chicken and it gave them enough energy to ran as fast as the other Toa and even slightly faster. They all ran directly at Wasomi, but one strike of his Pateri blades fired a blast right at the Toa which made them fall to the ground "You might have ate a few buckets of chicken, but I'm stronger and more powerful because I can make buckets of chicken" said Wasomi as he waved his arms in the air with pride "I can tell you've been eating a lot of buckets of chicken because you've got so much breading on your mask" said Vapous as he was lying on the ground "Too bad the only way you can get buckets of chicken is from the ground, but not for long" said Wasomi "I've got tons of breading on my mask, but I forget to clean it off. I guess it's a good thing my mask is orange because the breading just blends in" said Takatahi "I don't think we needed to know that" said Dinis. Wasomi then stopped paying attention to the Toa as he began to focus on Elige "Hey! What are you doing trying to enter my cave" said Wasomi. Elige wasn't paying attention to what Wasomi was saying as he and Luonto began slowly opening the entrance to the core of Manateeland which also had Luonto's former home in it "Oh well, my Taina worm will kill them...hopefully" said Wasomi. Wasomi then looked at the sun as it began to set and then he said "Once the sun sets, I'll be able to complete the next step of the prophecy" "What does the sun setting have to do with your prophecy" asked Hiari as he was trying to get up to try to sneak up on Wasomi to electrocute him "Well..." Wasomi then cut himself off as he ran directly towards Hiari as he tackled him to the ground "Hiari! Increase the brightness of the sun so the sun doesn't go down" shouted Dinis "OK..." panted Hiari as his attempts to increase the brightness of the sun failed due to Wasomi blocking his vision "Now I'll take that mask of yours" said Wasomi as he knocked Hiari's mask off with one of his Pateri blades "No. No, you can't do that" said Dinis "Quiet or else I'll fire a cursed mask at Hiari" said Wasomi as he waved Hiari's mask into the air "Now, for the rest of your masks" said Wasomi he began taking the other Toa's masks "You won't get away with least not for long" said Dinis as his and the other Toa's body began to change from being their normal vibrant colours to a gray colour "You'll see and soon I'll have what I need to control all of Manateeland" said Wasomi as he leaped into the entrance of the core of Manateeland which lead to the cave he now controls.