Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Part 66

Wasomi leaped into his cave, but briefly went back up to grab Nadharia's dead body from the ground "I better make sure I don't forget" said Wasomi. Wasomi then re entered his cave. Elige and Luonto were trying to protect themselves from the Taina worm "Why isn't he attacking us yet?" asked Elige as he noticed the Taina worm appeared to be moving only when Elige and Luonto moved "It appears to not have enough room to reach us to attack us do to how tall it is" said Luonto. Elige was blocking himself and Luonto with his claw shield. Wasomi then entered his and shoved Elige out of his way and said "Get out of my cave! I've important stuff to do" "No way. You're not going to fulfill that prophecy" said Elige "Just get out or else I'll have my Taina worm eat your insides right here, right now!" Wasomi yelled "We should just leave now" said Luonto "Oh...fine" said Elige as they began to run to the silver tube which lead them back to the surface. Elige and Luonto appeared exhausted from running so fast to exit Wasomi's cave "I feel tired" panted Elige. Elige then saw some buckets of hcicken growing out of the ground and picked 2 or 3 of them up and ate them "I feel a lot better now" said Elige as the buckets of chicken gave him energy and increased his power "I feel strong enough to battle Wasomi" said Elige "No, not yet" said Luonto as he began to also eat some buckets of chicken "What should we do about the Toa over there?" asked Elige "We must wait and enter my former cave" said Luonto "But, you said we should leave" said Elige "We enter the cave, but after the sun goes down" said Luonto "OK then, that might 2 or 3 hours from now" said Elige "I'll keep an eye on the Toa to make sure they don't suffer from not having their masks and these buckets of chicken help them live, but they might not be here for long" said Luonto "What do you mean?" asked Elige "Yes...what does...that mean?" asked Hiari as he struggled to speak "It means the buckets of chicken will be impacted by this prophecy Wasomi is trying to fulfill" said Luonto "What else does that mean?" asked Elige "I'm not completely certain, but..." Luonto was cut off by Elige that said "Look! The sun's going down!" shouted Elige. The sky began to turn black and meanwhile Wasomi then ran up to the surface and he looked at the sky and said "It's time" Wasomi then returned to his cave "I should have attacked him when he came up to the surface" said Elige "It's better we don' least for now" said Luonto. Wasomi then looked over everything he placed in the cave and said "All right Toa's masks: check. A Toa's dead body which has the set of instructions on it: check. The sun being down: check. A Taina worm which will be used as sacrifice: check" the Taina worm then looked slightly scared at what Wasomi had just said "Don't worry. It won't be...that painful" said Wasomi as he leaped on top of the Taina worm as he sliced it's head off using his Pateri blades and then sliced its remains into 5 slices. He then fired cursed masks at the slices of the Taina worm's remains "Now you shall rise to serve me" said Wasomi as the cursed masks transformed the slices of the Taina worm's remains into his sons "Why should we serve you?" asked one of his sons known as Nafaka "If you bring me a Toa's dead body, you'll rewards with buckets of chicken" said Wasomi. Maziwa then began jumping around and howling and then said "Did you say buckets of chicken" "Yes" said Wasomi "Oh boy! That sounds awesome!" shouted Maziwa "Wait. Weren't there 5 of you? Where's Hunaraa..." said Wasomi as he cut himself off to see Hunaraa was camouflaged with the walls of the cave using his camouflage powers on his skin "Sorry, but I prefer to get a heads start to kill those Toa" said Hunaraa "I'm gonna kill them first with my Taina worm blaster" said Upinzani as he appeared threaten Hunaraa "Just kill at least one Toa and you'll get a bucket of chicken" said Wasomi. Wasomi then placed the Toa's masks in a circle as they appeared to float in the air, surrounding Nadharia's body "Now the portal will open and the prophecy will be fulfilled" said Wasomi as Nadharia's body then turned to dust and then transformed into a purple mask "The Kanohi Nuinga will lead me to the temple of the bucket of chicken gods" said Wasomi. Wasomi then put on the Kanohi Nuinga as he placed it over his Kanohi Nyama "I'll be back and make sure you don't disappoint me" said Wasomi as a purple portal began to open up in the sky. Meanwhile Elige shouted "The prophecy, it's being fulfilled. I should leap into that purple hole in the sky" "No! We can't enter that hole because it only allows those who can create buckets of chicken to enter it" said Luonto "Do we go into the cave now?" asked Elige "Soon, but not yet" said Luonto. Suddenly the buckets of chicken that growing on the ground disappeared and meant only Wasomi had the power to create buckets of least that's Wasomi intends to do.