Sunday, June 28, 2015

Part 67

The purple hole in the sky disappeared which left nothing black coloured darkness being the sky. Elige and Luonto knew the time came to enter the cave "Now is the time" said Elige "Yes, it is, but we must be careful" said Luonto. Elige noticed an empty bucket of chicken on the ground which Wasomi ate from. He picked it up and said "I think I can use this to collect things" Luonto then told Elige "OK, but we must hurry. Every moment counts" they both entered the core of Manateeland and then went through the silver tube which lead to the cave. As they stepped into the cave, it caused Wasomi's sons to stare at Elige and Luonto for a few seconds as they were about to run at Elige and Luonto "Leave this place now or else you'll die" said Nafaka "Yes, leave now or that bucket you're holding will be filled with your remains" said Kurauri as pointed his scythe at Elige "Hey! The only buckets are for is putting chicken legs in" said Elige "Did someone say buckets of chicken?!" howled Maziwa with excitement as he began running at Elige and then jumped on top of him "Luonto get those masks that are on the ground. There the Toa's masks" said Elige as Maziwa was using his shadow screech blades to try to stop Elige from thinking clearly. Luonto then ran to the masks that were on the ground and grabbed all 5 of them. Karauri, Upinzani and Nafaka didn't notice Luonto taking the Toa's masks that were on the ground because they were too focused on watching Maziwa beating up and screaming the crap at Elige. Luonto then crawled to the silver tube which lead him back to the surface. He then placed the masks back on the Toa's faces and in doing so gave them back their elemental powers which were briefly taken away from Wasomi taking their Kanohi masks "My's returned" said Takatahi "Where's Elige?" asked Hiari "He's in the core of Manateeland, we need to go down there and rescue him" said Luonto "Rescue? What's happening to him?" asked Hiari "Wasomi's sons are down there and there beating the holy crap and stuff out of him" said Luonto "We've got to go down there" said Dinis "Didn't we want Elige to die after he told us what he needed to tell us?" said Vapous "There's much yet for me and Elige to tell you" said Luonto "OK then, let's go down there and beat the stuff out of Wasomi's sons" said Dinis as they were about to enter the core of Manateeland...but was someone blocking the entrance...someone who was in plain site.