Monday, June 29, 2015

Part 68

The Toa and Luonto were about to enter the entrance to the core of Manateeland, but something was blocking them "Hey! Why aren't you going entering the core?" asked Hiari as Dinis appeared to be being block by something invisible "Something is in my damn way" said Dinis as he began to get frustrated "Let me try to get through and I'll be able to kill what ever's in my way" said Vapous as he sliced his water blades through the air "Hey, it didn't do anything and for some reason the entrance is still stuck to get through" said Vapous. Takatahi then fired a boulder at the entrance "Maybe this will work" said Takatahi as he fired a boulder out of his hands, but it fired right back at Takatahi as a bunch of tiny shards. Takatahi then fell to the ground as the stone shards made him confused. Uhuru then attempted to walk through the entrance of the core of Manateeland and as he was about to walk through the entrance he saw something. Uhuru stopped walking and lifted his head upwards as it appeared he was looking at something with great detail "Hey! Uhuru, just drill your way through there" said Dinis "Silence Dinis! I think he sees something we can't" said Luonto. Uhuru then stood back a few inches and said "Someone is hiding in front of us" said Uhuru. Uhuru then lifted his drill into the air and began to fire upwards near the sky. He then began to fire at random places and said "I'm stopping him from blocking our path. Enter the core NOW!" said Uhuru as it appeared he was fighting something only he could see "Holy crap, Uhuru's crazy" said Vapous "Hey! Shut up and let him deal with whatever weird crap he's battling against" said Dinis as he thought about kicking Vapous in the crotch. The Toa and Luonto entered the core of Manateeland as Uhuru continued to battled his foe who was hiding. The Toa were now about to experience what evil things Wasomi has left below Manateeland's surface.