Friday, July 3, 2015

Part 71

Hunaraa was struggling to escape the grip the rock pillars had on top of his body. He camouflaged his body as he made dozens of attempts of escaping the pillars. He began sliding his body from each side trying to see if they would affect the stability of the pillars, but it didn't "This is gonna take awhile" said Hunaraa as he knew it would be difficult to escape the pillars which Uhuru fired at him with "A bucket of chicken would really help get out of this situation" said Hunaraa. He then began firing splinters made of acid out of exo-leaf arms, but they only made small scratches to the bottom of the pillars as they were stacked side by side to him as he could feel his arms go numb with pain from the pressure and weight of the pillars. Hunaraa then began to go numb and started praying in his mind "Please give me a bucket of chicken so I don't die" suddenly a bucket of chicken began crashing down from the sky. It landed right next to Hunaraa "I just need to move my head a little bit and then I can eat this" said Hunaraa as he began turning his and then a dark red orange stick like tongue came out from the bottom of his mouth as he used his tongue to try to grab the bucket of chicken. He curled his tongue around the bucket of chicken as he then lifted it upwards and then began shoveling the chicken legs all over his face. The moment he finished eating the buckets of chicken his mask began to glow a gold colour. He then fired splinters made of acid at the rock pillars as he felt a new source of energy flow through his body. He then got up from the ground "Buckets of chicken really are more awesome than I could ever had imagined" said Hunaraa as he felt strength coming from his voice "Now to enter the core to where my brothers are-" Hunaraa then interrupted himself as he then looked over Manateeland with it's colourful villages and looked upwards into the sky "Maybe I'll stay up here for now...and then I'll take control of Manateeland...for Wasomi of course" Hunaraa then began to realize that instead of fighting underground, he'd rule the least for now.