Monday, July 6, 2015

Part 72

Uhuru and Luonto were sliding through the silver which lead to his former home. They landed in his cave where they were both surprised at how much conflict was going on right in front of them "There's a lot going on down here" said Luonto in astonished as he and Uhuru saw the Toa battling Wasomi's sons. Takatahi stopped paying attention to fighting Nafaka as he walked towards Uhuru and said "Glad to see you here brother" "Same here" said Uhuru as he and Takatahi did a brofist as a way of saying hello. Takatahi then returned to fighting Nafaka, but Nafaka was already attacking him. Hiari stopped and payed attention to what was happening to Takatahi and said "Doesn't that hurt?" "No, it feels kind of numb" said Takatahi. Hiari then resumed fighting Kurauri as he fired bolts of lightning at Kurauri which him feel slightly dizzy and made it hard for him to attack Hiari "You seem clever Toa, but not clever enough" said Kurarui "Oh, why do you say that?" said Hiari as he was striking Kurauri with bolts of lightning that ripped through his lightning saw shields "Because I'm going to transfer something to you that's...shocking" said Kurauri as he ran right up to Hiari with his vein bone scythe waving upwards. He sliced part of Hiari's armour as his previous attempts to attack him with his vein bone scythe didn't work. Hiari then fell to the ground with his armour cracked apart "What did you do to me?" said Hiari as he felt pain going through him "I transmitted a disease to you which will soon mutate you into something you wouldn't want to know" said Kurauri "Tell me..." said Hiari as he barely speak. The other Toa ran to Hiari as his body was lying in pain on the ground. Wasomi's sons then ran back to the surface...except for Nafaka "Come on! Let them rot in this crap hole because everything else will soon be ours" Kurauri said to Nafaka as he as well as Maziwa and Upinzani were entering the silver tube "No thanks, I'm gonna kill them now or else it might be never" said Nafaka "Hey, it's your funeral" said Upinzani as he thought about firing a Taina worm at Nafaka. The Toa as well as Luonto stood around Hiari as he suffered from the pain he was facing "Can anyone just tell me what the crap hole is goin' on with Hiari!?" demanded Dinis "Oh wait I almost to say to Luonto and Uhuru...hi" said Vapous as he brofisted Uhuru and Luonto "Hey, what about me" said Taktahi. Vapous and Takatahi then brofisted "We don't have time for that formal crap. Now come on, can you tell us what's happened to Hiari?!" said Dinis "Very well, but I'm not completely certain" said Luonto. Before Luonto could answer Nafaka then jumped on top of Takatahi. Uhuru then blocked him from attacking Takatahi anymore "Thanks" said Takatahi as Uhuru was fighting Nafaka "Don't...mention it" said Uhuru. Uhuru punched Nfaka a few times using his drill, but Uhuru's senses were so strong and sensitive that even the lightest touch from Nafaka's stinger claws felt a million times worse than it would have been for Takatahi "We've got to help him" said Dinis "What about me" said Hiari in pain as his voice was cracking slightly "This is a tough choice we've got to make" said Takatahi "Yes, it is indeed" said Luonto as he watched what was happening "I'll fight that Wasomi son" said Dinis "No, I want to" said Vapous. Dinis and Vapous were about to fight to find out who would do what, but they knew they had to help their brothers first "I'll help Hiari and you beat up that thing that's attacking Uhuru. Got it" said Dinis "Yeap" said Vapous as he ran to Uhuru. Vapous fired a splash of water at Nafaka "Hey! Let go of my brother" said Vapous "Or what? You'll make me wet?" said Nafaka "No...I'll do this" said Vapous as he hunched over slightly as he began to look directly as Nafaka from below as he said "Try to deal with this" said Vapous as he sliced one of his water blades directly at Nafaka's crotch which resulted in his croth leaking out a bunch of rainbow coloured liquid as he fell to the ground in pain. Vapous and Takatahi then ran to Uhuru to see if he was ok "You OK brother?" asked Vapous "No, I'm in a crapload of pain" said Uhuru "Hopefully it won't hurt for that much longer" said Vapous "I hope so too" blurted Takatahi. Meanwhile as Uhuru was in pain, Hiari was facing a suffering which was much more intense and fundamentally scary "Luonto...please just tell me...what's going to happen to me" said Hiari "Well..." said Luonto "Hey! Just stop speaking around this tell me what's happening to my brother or else I'm going to kick you in the crotch!" said Dinis "Fine. Fine. Fine. I'll just say this, you've got a disease now and it'll turn you into something that's not a Toa, but besides that I've got no idea what's going on with you" said Luonto "But, maybe one of Kurauri's brothers knows what's going to happen to me" said Hiari. Dinis then ran to Uhuru, Vapous and Takatahi and said "Let me see that weirdo" said Dinis "That makes you weird" said Vapous "Oh, just shut up" said Dinis as he stood close towards Nafaka and asked "What did your brother do to Hiarai?" "I really don't know or care" said Nafaka "Hey! tell us or else everything else will leak rainbows" said Vapous "That's what'll happen if you don't tell us" said Takatahi "I really don't know or care...I'm just telling the truth" said Nafaka. Dinis then fired a ball of fire at Nafaka's crotch "Now are you ready to talk?" said Dinis. Nafaka paused for a few seconds and then said "Nope" "Fine, I'll stab you crotch until you die and your head explodes" said Dinis as he was about to strike his wrist sword at Nafaka's crotch, but then Nafka said "Wait!" "Finally, you're gonna talk" said Dinis "Still, no but-" said Nafaka as he was then interrupted by Vapous who said "Hey, can I kill this one" "No" said Dinis. Dinis then presumed as he was about to stab Nafaka in the crotch, but then Nafaka said "OK! I'll tell what you need to know...the scythe Kurauri strook your brother with is going to slowly mutate him...and you should be lucky he didn't do that while eating a bucket of chicken because then he would have mutated can I go" "Yes" said Dinis, but before that could happen, Vapous ran right up to Nafaka and began slicing his body into pieces "This is fun" said Vapous as his attention was on killing Nafaka and seeing his dead body and his organs ripped apart in front of his eyes. Dinis then ran up to him and kicked him in the crotch "What was that for?" said Vapous "He told us what we needed to know and you just killed him" said Dinis "We know what we know now and this is one less son of Wasomi's who trying to kill us" said Vapous "Wow, for once you make a good point" said Dinis. Meanwhile on the surface of Manateeland Upinzani, Maziwa and Kurauri were about to see some surprises of their own.