Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Part 73

Upinzani, Maziwa and Kurauri reached the surface of Manateeland. They were surprised at the things they saw up there "This island looks beautiful" said Upinzani "I do agree" said Kurauri as he gazed at the sky. Maziwa appeared to not care as much about the surface's beauty as he screamed "We're not here to stare at skies! We're here to eat BUCKETS OF CHICKEN!" Maziwa's yelling caused villagers from all across the island of Manateeland run towards the part where all 5 villages meet. They looked scared and confused at what they were seeing. Upinzani then walked up to Maziwa and said "Look what you're damn yelling just did" "What? Deliver these weak Rahi?" said Maziwa "Hey! we're not weak" said a villager from the village of fire. Upinzani there fired a Taina worm near the villagers of earth and as he did so, a giant purple Taina worm appeared as it began to eat the villagers' insides. Maziwa then began screaming and waving his arms towards the villagers "We rule this land now" said Kurauri as he lifted his vein bone scythe arm in the air. The purple Taina worm began chasing the villagers from the village of water, but something was blocking the Taina worm's path "You're pet isn't chasing them still" said Kurauri "What" said Upinzani in a surprise reaction. Upinzani and Kurauri then began staring at the Taina worm and they suddenly remembered who or what could be blocking them "It's Hunaraa" said Kurauri "Very well, let me take care of this" said Upinzani as he walked towards the Taina worm "Move over there" said Upinzani as he pushed his Taina worm to the beside him. Upinzani then punched Hunaraa in the face with his vein claws which caused Hunaraa to fall to the ground. Hunaraa's body then changed from being a camouflage of his surroundings to his normal colour scheme "You thought you'd betray us brother" said Upinzani "No, but I just ate a bucket of chicken..." said Hunaraa as he began to get up from the ground "Now I'm going to use my power from eating a bucket of chicken to do this" said Hunaraa as he began firing splinters made of acid at Upinzani's Taina worm which caused it's body to shriveled and turn into dust "Oh crap! Buckets of chicken are strong and powerful!" said Kuruari in amazement "Did you just say buckets of chicken!" yelled Maziwa in excitement. Maziwa then ran directly at Hunaraa as he began jumping and yelling at him. Hunaraa then fired acid splinters at Maziwa, causing him to let go of him "get off of me, you yelling piece of crap" said Hunaraa with a slight amount of anger in his voice. Maziwa then got back up and began punching Hunaraa in his torso with his shadow screech blades. It didn't do much damage to Hunaraa, but it got annoying quickly "Hey! Stop that. It's getting exhausting" said Hunaraa. Maziwa reacted to what he said with a bunch of screaming. Hunaraa they began to get frustrated and began firing splinters made of acid at Maziwa's crotch "This will make you crotch scream in pain as much as you made me feel pain from you damn yelling" said Hunaraa. Maziwa then fell to the ground. Maziwa then began to make whimpering sounds. Hunaraa then stepped one of his feet on Maziwa's torso and as he did he said "Give up yet?" Maziwa didn't respond, but instead collapsed to the ground as he appeared lifeless "Now, as for you 2. I'm going to take you down" said Hunaraa as he was about to fight Upinzani and Kurauri, but he then saw Upinzani and Kurauri running away back to the entrance of the core of Manateeland. He was about to run after them, but instead continued stepping on top of Maziwa "Looks like it's time for you to die" said Hunaraa. Hunaraa was about to fired more acid splinters at Maziwa, but then he felt something happen to him. The power from the buckets of chicken wore off. Maziwa then began to regain conscientiousness and screeched at Hunara. Hunaraa then fell to the ground and as he was getting back up Maziwa walked up to him and said "Now, it's your turn to die" Hunaraa appeared worried and said "Look, I'm sorry about almost killing you, but that wasn't was the bucket of chicken that made me do that" Maziwa appeared slightly skeptical of what Hunaraa just said, but then Maziwa said "Fine, but if you do that again, I'll really mess you up" said Maziwa "Same thing if that happened to you" said Hunaraa. Hunaraa then thought to himself "Good, he's accepting my lie. Now I just need to make sure he doesn't get in my way for real"