Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Part 74

The Toa were wondering what to do now that they were in Luonto's cave and also because Uhuru and Hiari were badly injured. Dinis and Luonto were watching over Hiari while Takatahi and Vapous were watching over Uhuru in order to make sure nothing bad or weird would happen "So, what should we do?" asked Takatahi "I don't know for sure-" said Vapous as he was interrupted by Takatahi "I know, I should throw a boulder at Uhuru to see if he reacts or something" Takatahi was about to fire a boulder that came from his hands, but then Vapous said "Stop! Maybe this will work" Vapous then fired puddles of fire at Uhuru as he was lying on the ground in pain. It didn't do anything to Uhuru except make his armour wet "Oh crap it didn't do anything" said Vapous. Meanwhile Dinis was watching over Hiari as he saw him feeling nothing, but pain as he didn't know for sure what would happen to him or what he'd turn into to "We need to leave this cave soon" said Dinis "No, not yet. We must stay here until we're ready to battle Wasomi's sons" said Luonto "We need to find a way to keep Hiaria and Uhuru here while the rest of us fight up there" said Dinis. Takatahi then blurted out "Should me and Vapous still keep an eye on Uhuru?" "Yes, for now at least" said Dinis "Well, OK then brother" said Takatahi. Uhuru saw some dust or rubble fall from the ceiling as it lightly sprinkled his mask as he said "Someone is coming down here as we speak" Hiari then said "What makes you say that?" "Save you energy brother. This isn't a time for you to speak, but to heal" said Dinis "I say that because I feel and see the ceiling vibrate slightly" said Uhuru "Are you sure that's not just Takatahi or Dinis walking loudly?" said Vapous "No...someone is coming" said Uhuru as he felt pain in his body. Dinis, Vapous and Takatahi ran to the entrance of the silver tube as they waited to see what would slide out of there "Prepare for what ever's coming down that tube brothers" said Dinis "OK, this is going to be fun" said Vapous "Luonto try to keep an eye on Hiari and Uhuru and make sure their condition doesn't get worse" said Dinis "Got it" said Luonto. Dinis, Takatahi and Vapous stared upwards at the silver tube, waiting to see what would come out of there "I should crawl up there" said Vapous "No, don't do something risky" said Dinis. They saw 2 beings come out of the tube. It was Kuruari and Upinzani. The Toa were about to run right at them, but then Kuruauri said "Can we stay down here?" "That's a weird thing to say" said Takatahi. Hiari then began crawling to where his brothers were standing and said "Why have you come here?" "Luonto! I thought you were watching over him so he doesn't do something that's unusual" said Dinis "Sorry about that. I was focused on Uhuru and it's hard to keep an eye on 2 beings that are suffering" said Luonto. Kuruari then said to Dinis Hunaraa is trying to kill us all and maybe if we work together we can stop him" "Hey! You gave me a disease so why should we trust you?" asked Hiari "Yeah! If we help you, you've got to promise to not kill us" said Dinis "Want me to just kill the red one now?" said Upinzani as he suddenly made their conversation with the Toa uncomfortable "No, now just shut up and let me do the talking" said Kuruari "OK then. So what should we do to help?" said Kurauri "Can you heal me of this disease?" said Hiari "No, sorry about that but I can give diseases but I can't get rid of them" said Kurauri "So how are we going to cure Hiari?" said Takatahi "I don't know maybe just get use to being whatever weird thing you turn into I guess" said Kurauri. Dinis then kicked Kurauri in the crotch as he pushed him to the wall and said "This is serious you piece of crap Wasomi made! Now tell me if there's a cure for Hiari" Kurauri then said "Your brother Uhuru will heal of his painful wounds" "How? And I'm not asking about Uhuru, I'm asking about Hiari" said Dinis in a demanding tone. Luonto then walked up to Dinis and said "hey. I just realized I could heal Uhuru and maybe Hiari" "Looks like we won't your help after all" said Vapous. Luonto then ran to Uhuru and touched Uhuru's mask with his elbow blades as it healed his wounds. Uhuru got up and said "I feel better" "Now! Do that to Hiari" said Dinis "OK. Luonto walked towards Hiari as he was about to heal him, but Hiarai then said "Are you sure this will work?" "I'm certain. Now come on just let me touch your mask with my elbow blades" said Luonto "Wait! Let's see what Hiari mutates into" said Vapous. Dinis and Uhuru then walked up to Vapous and kicked him in the crotch until he fell to the ground "It was just a suggestion" said Vapous "No, it wasn't. That was just weird what you just said" said Dinis "Fine then" said Vapous. Kurauri and Upinzani then began walking upwards in the silver tube as Kuruari said "well. I guess we should leave you all now" Dinis then began to sound angry as he said "No! Get back here or else I'll chase you back down here" Dinis began crawling up the silver tube and as he did so Upinzani and Kuruari began crawling upwards at a faster pace. Luonto then touched Hiari with elbow blades as it healed him of the disease that Kuruari's scythe transmitted to him "Wow. I'm better" said Hiarai in a relieved tone. Meanwhile Dinis was chasing Kurauri and Upinzani as they were reaching the surface of Manateeland.