Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Part 75

Dinis was chasing Upinzani and Kurauri as they were heading towards the surface of Manateeland "Quick! We need to run faster!" said Kurauri "No, I'll do this" said Upinzani as he fired a Taina worm at Dinis. Dinis then fell through the silver tube as he landed back to Luonto's cave. The Taina worm slid through the tube as it stared at the Toa "We need to stop that Taina worm" said Dinis "Let's do this brothers" said Takatahi. The Toa were about run directly at the Taina worm as it was blocking the path of the silver tube, but then Dinis said "You all should battle that Tiana worm while I'm going to go after those weirdos" "No, don't" said Luonto "I can't let them escape and mess up Manateeland" said Dinis "But what about fighting together as a team" said Takatahi in curiosity "I'm aware of that, but if we get rid of those sons of Wasomi then we'll deal with less of those" said Dinis as he pointed his wrist sword near the Taina worm as it was about to eat the Toa. The Toa then stood around the Tiana worm and fired as much of their elemental powers at it as possible "Just keep attacking him with everything you've got" said Dinis. The Tiana was trapped and surrounded by the Toa as they fired everything they could when it came to their elemental powers at the Tiana worm. Meanwhile Luonto began walking towards the silver tube and appeared to be trying to crawl into it. Uhuru then heard one of Luonto's footsteps as stopped attacking the Taina worm and said "Luonto appears to be escaping and entering the tube" Dinis stopped attacking the Taina worm as he saw it began to appear shriveled up and almost dead. He ran to the tube as he began crawling upwards into it. He saw Luonto trying to reach the surface and as he did Dinis grabbed one of Luonto's legs as he held onto him and said "Why are you trying to escape when you told us not to?" said Dinis with anger as he was about to be angry no matter what Luonto said "I was just uh...trying to get some sunshine from the sky outside" said Luonto "That's bull crap! It's super dark out there!" said Dinis as he fired a ball of fire at Luonto "Now tell me why you tried to escape" said Dinis "Oh come this isn't right" said Luonto "Too bad" said Dinis as he punched Luonto in his crotch "Now tell me why you were trying to leave us" said Dinis "Fine then, I wanted to surrender to Wasomi's sons because I whatever happens soon will be the end for all of us" said Luonto. Dinis appeared frustrated at what Luonto had just said "So you're saying we've lost and Wasomi has won?" said Dinis "Uh...basically yes" said Luonto "You suck you know that" said Dinis "Yeah. I guess I do, but at least I'm Pateri or Wasomi" said Luonto trying to make the best of the situation. Dinis then grabbed Luonto and put him on his back as he said "Don't leave or else me or Vapous will kill you" said Dinis "OK fine. I get the point already. I won't betray you or the others" said Luonto "Good" said Dinis. Dinis and Luonto eventually entered the surface of Manateeland and as they did Dinis said "Holy crap it's dark up here" "You've got that right" said Luonto. Upinzani and Kurauri were standing a few feet away from Dinis and Luonto as Upinzani said "I find it quite bright and beautiful out here" said Upinzani as his view of beauty was dark colours and eternal darkness while Dinis' view was bright colours "Looks like you killed the Taina worm" said Upinzani "Yeah, me and my brothers killed it all right and now I'm gonna kill you" said Dinis as he was about to attack Upinzani and Kurauri with his wrist sword. Upinzani fired a Tiana worm at Dinis, but he sliced it in half before it could grow to a big size "Oh crap that should have worked" said Upinzani "This will work to defeat you!" said Dinis as he leaped towards Upinzani and kicked him in the crotch "That hurts" said Upinzani "It should" said Dinis. Then Dinis suddenly fell to the ground as felt someone kick him in his back. Hunaraa the appeared as he said "good thing I didn't leave all the action" Maziwa then appeared as he was hiding behind a rock near the village of stone "Now do we get buckets of chicken?!" said Maziwa as he began jumping on top of Dinis' back "Not yet, but maybe you 2 can help us" said Hunaraa "Why should we help you?" asked Kurauri "Because if you don't then you won't find out how to get buckets of chicken" said Hunaraa "Fine then, how do we get buckets of chicken?" asked Kurauri "BUCKETS OF CHICKEN!" yelled Maziwa with excitement as he continued jumping on Dinis "Now here's how you get buckets of chicken...what you do is pray to the bucket of chicken gods" said Hunaraa as he whispered "OK then...and that'll work?" said Kurauri "I'm certain it will and then we'll have buckets of chicken to eat" said Hunara "BUCKETS OF CHICKEN! BUCKETS OF CHICKEN I can't wait for!" yelled Maziwa in excitement as he kept jumping on top of Dinis. Dinis slowly moved his arm as he was about to use his wrist sword. He then got up and stabbed Maziwa in his chest "Take that you yelling weirdo" said Dinis. Meanwhile Luonto was hiding near Dinis' belly the whole time "Get him and kill him!" said Kurauri as they all began running at Dinis and Luonto. The knowledge Dinis now knew would be very...useful for the Toa.