Thursday, July 9, 2015

Part 76

Dinis was being chased Wasomis'  sons as he entered Luonto's cave. Once he entered Luonto's cave, he ran to his brothers and told what he had heard "I found out how to get buckets of chicken" said Dinis as he was breathing heavily "Wow. You sound like someone's chasing you" said Vapous "That's because-" said Dinis as he interrupted by Wasomi's sons appearing out from the silver tube which lead to the cave "You won't be leaving this cave alive" said Kurauri "Oh yeah! Quick my brothers pray to the bucket of chicken gods" said Dinis "OK" said Takatahi as all the Toa except for Hiari prayed. Hiari then walked towards wher Takatahi was praying and said "Stop doing that. You and the others look stupid what you're doing" "But, we have to in order to get buckets of chicken" said Takatahi "We'll get buckets of chicken by killing you" said Upinzani "BUCKETS OF CHICKEN WILL BE MINE!" yelled Maziwa as he began jumping on top of Upinzani "Get off of me" said Upinzani. Upinzani then punched Maziwa with his vein claws. When Hiari saw them fighting, he quickly fired bolts of electricity at them and began running though the silver tube. As Hiari was running through the silver tube he said to himself "That's why I don't pray because it cause your enemies to kill you when you're not looking" Hunaraa camouflaged himself as he hid from his brothers as they were fighting among themselves and the Toa. He then walked through the silver tube. Hiari reached the surface of Manateeland and as he did. He stared at the black sky that now covered Manateeland in a shadow and said "Holy crap. This place needs to get some light back into it" Hiari then made his mask glow in order to see clearer what his surroundings were. Hunaraa was sneaking near him as he moved in circles "Soon Toa. Soon you'll be dead" said Hunaraa. Hiari quickly payed attention to the unexplained words he was hearing come near him "Who said that? Who are you?" said Hiari. Hiari's lightning saw shields began rotating and revving up in preparation for whatever was speaking to him and approaching him "I'm here...while my brothers are down there with your...brothers" said Hunara "You're one of Wasomi's sons" said Hiari. Hunaraa then made himself visible as he walked up to Hiari and said "Yes I am" Hunaraa fired splinters at Hiarai. Many of them he missed by blocking them with his lightning saw shields, but some of them stung him. Meanwhile, Hiari's brothers battling Wasomi's sons "Damn it! Praying really was a waste of time" said Vapous as he was fighting Maziwa "If we don't win. We're going to be a waste of everything" said Dinis as he was firing balls of fire at Upinzani. Takatahi and Uhuru were fighting Kurauri. Uhuru heard fighting noises coming from above him and said to Takatahi "I'll be back, but keep fighting Kurauri" "OK" said Takatahi as he stone hooked claws got stuck in Kurauri vein bone scythe. Luonto then left the Toa as he was going with Uhuru "I'm going to help Uhuru if he needs help" said Luonto "Oh fine..." said Dinis grunting as he was battling Upinzani. Uhuru and Luonto walked through the silver tube and once they reached the surface they saw Hiari battling Hunaraa "Looks like you've returned" said Hunaraa "Yes I have and let me and my brother battle you" said Uhuru "Very well...if you can spot me" said Hunaraa as he camouflaged himself to his surroundings.