Saturday, July 11, 2015

Part 77

Uhuru and Hiari were about to battle Hunaraa as he camouflaged himself to his surroundings. Hiari couldn't tell where Hunaraa could be "Hey Uhuru. Do you know where Hunaraa is hiding?" asked Hiari "I believe I know where he's hiding" said Uhuru. Uhuru looked carefully at his surroundings as he then leaped a step back because he saw Hunaraa running right at him Hunaraa tried punching Uhuru with his exo-leaf blades, but he blocked them by using his drill as a shield "You maybe able to fire splinters, but I can drill them" said Uhuru as he began rotating his drill which caused Hunaraa's splinters and even his hands to be smashed into bits "Hiari, now you should attack him" said Uhuru "OK" said Hiari as he began running directly at Hunaraa. Hunaraa then fell to the ground and camouflaged himself "Damn it. He hid...again" said Hiari "I can see the details and outline of his body. He's heading back to the cave" said Uhuru "Then that's where we'll go" said Hiari "Ok, so come on let's go and kick him in the crotch so hard that not even his wounds will camouflage" said Luonto trying to sound braver than he actual was recently "But one thing...why makes you so certain he's heading there?" said Hiari "It's because I can see the details of his armour...oh never mind come on" said Uhuru. As they were heading back down to the core of Manateeland, Luonto saw the Kanohi mask of manatees glow as it was still in his hands "The mask appears to be glowing" said Uhuru "Yes...yes it is" said Luonto "What do you think it means?" said Hiari "It must mean something important" said Luonto "I agree" said Uhuru. As they were entering the core of Manateeland, Hiari fell to the ground "What happened?" said Hiari "Hunaraa is still near us" said Uhuru "I guess you damaging his arms didn't slow him down" said Luonto "That and I sense the mask's glow slowed us down because we were attention to it for too long" said Uhuru "Alright then I guess we should just keep walking" said Luonto "No, I want to fight Hunaraa. I won't let him escape" said Hiari "Very well. It's not the right thing to do, but we must enter the cave" said Uhuru. Uhuru and Luonto entered the silver tube which lead to Luonto's cave while Hiari battled Hunaraa "Wherever you're hiding my light will expose you" said Hiari as he began firing bolts of lightning out of his lightning saw shields "Light cannot expose what is transparent to you" said Hunaraa as he appeared to not be attacking "Sounds like you're still hurting from what Uhuru did" said Hiari "No, I'm just stalling" said Hunaraa "Stalling for what? Oh crap!" said Hiari. Hiari then began shooting bolts of lightning at everything that surrounded him "I hope you can camouflage out of this" said Hiari as the entrance to the core of Manateeland was now filled with nothing but lightning which only Hiari could escape through "You might be stalling, but I'll be a Toa-hero" said Hiari as he rushed towards the silver tube and entered Luonto's cave. He saw his brothers battling Wasomi's sons. He yelled to them "We've got to get the stuff out of here!" "But, we're busy battling these weirdos" said Dinis "Yeah Hiari, have some fun in what you do for once" said Vapous "Now's not the time to argue. Now's the time to leave before we're stuck here or something" said Hiari. Maziwa jumped to where Hiari was standing, before he could even jump and yell at Hiari he fired a ball of lightning from one of his lightning saws at him "Wow, Hiari seems more serious about this sort of stuff than usual" said Takatahi. The Toa and Luonto all ran as fast as they could to where Hiari was standing "Come on" said Hiari "We better run fast" said Dinis as he saw Kurauri and Upinzani appear to be running after the Toa. The Toa ran as fast as they could "Oh crap this sucks" said Takatahi as he and the others saw the bolts of lightning that were bouncing all over their exit "We don't have time to go through lightning. Just get us out of here Hiari" demanded Dinis "Fine, but I did this for a reason" said Hiari "Yes, it is for a reason I fundamentally disagree with right now" said Uhuru "Let's see if my water will flush away all this lightning" said Vapous as he fired spirals of waters from the tips of his water blades. They didn't do anything to the lightning, but it caused Hunaraa to speak "Be careful you don't drown" said Hunaraa "How would we drown in lightning?" said Hiari "Never mind" said Hunaraa "Oh, that's why you had to fill this place with lightning" said Dinis. Upinzani and Kurauri were getting closer and closer to the Toa when Uhuru said "They're coming. We must find a way to escape" said Uhuru "Let's stay here. This is going to be hilarious" said Vapous "How is not having a way to escape hilarious?" said Hiari "Just wait. It's gonna be a way to get rid of our problems" said Vapous "Sounds like your enhancing our problems" said Dinis. Kurauri entered out from the silver tube as he approached the Toa "Looks like this is where you die and we escape" said Kurauri. Upinzani then came out of the silver tube and said "Good thing Maziwa is still resting below us as he's still trying to heal" said Upinzani "Yes, that's a god thing" said Kurauri "Hey! Let's battle these sons of Wasomi" said Dinis "We could...or we could make a deal" said Kurauri "What kind of deal?" asked Hiari "If you heal Maziwa we'll let you escape" said Kurauri "So, do you agree to our deal?" asked Upinzani "No!" said Dinis "But, we should think about the pros and cons of this" said Luonto "I've had to hear with you" Dinis said to Luonto "Very well then. Upinzani fire at them now" said Kurauri "Ok get ready" said Upinzani as he fired a Taina worm at the Taina. It didn't do any harm as it got zapped by the bolts of lightning that flew behind where the Toa were "Oh crap" said Upinzani "We've got to go back down" said Kuauri. Dinis ran right at Kurauri and blocked the entrance to Luonto's cave(silver tube) "You're not going anywhere" said Dinis "Get out of our way" demanded Kurauri "No" said Dinis "Get ready to have you're insides destroyed" said Upinzani as he stood right where Dinis was standing "Takatahi! Grab them now!" Dinis yelled "Got it" said Takatahi as he grabbed Upinzani and Kurauri with his stone hooked claws and as quickly as possible threw them at the entrance of the core of Manateeland where it was filled with bolts of lightning bouncing everywhere "I told you that would be funny and solve a problem" said Vapous "That's true, but how do we get out of here?" said Dinis "Wait here, I'll deal with this" said Hiari as he ran through the lightning he created. He then used his lightning saw shields to cut through the bolts of lightning. He then said "Quickly now. Run as fast as possible" the Toa and Luonto ran up to the surface "Hopefully Wasomi's sons won't get back up and run" said Dinis "Hopefully not" said Hiari. The Toa reached the surface of Manateeland where the sky was still covered in a black shadow. "Why do you think Hunaraa was trying to stall us? And stall us from what?" said Hiari "Whatever it is, we must be ready quickly because they could get back up and attack us again soon" said Dinis. Wasomi's sons were now the least of their worries as something was about to return...but what?