Monday, July 13, 2015

Returning soon...

I've been focusing on both my tumblr blog LimeFlavouredLibertarian24 and also my Bionicle fanfiction FLYING ROBOT MANATEE. It's taken awhile, but FLYING ROBOT MANATEE has finally started to get a following and readers. It's taken a lot of time and work to make the story of FLYING ROBOT MANATEE and it's characters, artwork and story, but after part 80 FLYING ROBOT MANATEE will be on hiatus for the foreseeable future. I'll posting original content on my tumblr blog along with content I find online, but the official website for FLYING ROBOT MANATEE won't receive storyline updates or updates about the characters' information. Parts 78-80 will be posted within this week, but afterwards, it could any where from a week or 2 to a few months until I decide to continue the story of FLYING ROBOT MANATEE. Part 80 won't be the official ending of the story, but will connect the story as it currently is to the future saga(post part 80). Sorry if this is an inconvenience, but FLYING ROBOT MANATEE is finally starting to pick up some viewers and readers, but this way when I bring it back from hiatus, it'll have a bigger following than when I 1st started FLYING ROBOT MANATEE. Remember to eat a bucket of chicken everyday and to follow my tumblr LimeFlavouredLibertarian24