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I've been focusing on both my tumblr blog LimeFlavouredLibertarian24 and also my Bionicle fanfiction FLYING ROBOT MANATEE. It's taken awhile, but FLYING ROBOT MANATEE has finally started to get a following and readers. It's taken a lot of time and work to make the story of FLYING ROBOT MANATEE and it's characters, artwork and story, but after part 80 FLYING ROBOT MANATEE will be on hiatus for the foreseeable future. I'll posting original content on my tumblr blog along with content I find online, but the official website for FLYING ROBOT MANATEE won't receive storyline updates or updates about the characters' information. Parts 78-80 will be posted within this week, but afterwards, it could any where from a week or 2 to a few months until I decide to continue the story of FLYING ROBOT MANATEE. Part 80 won't be the official ending of the story, but will connect the story as it currently is to the future saga(post part 80). Sorry if this is an inconvenience, but FLYING ROBOT MANATEE is finally starting to pick up some viewers and readers, but this way when I bring it back from hiatus, it'll have a bigger following than when I 1st started FLYING ROBOT MANATEE. Remember to eat a bucket of chicken everyday and to follow my tumblr LimeFlavouredLibertarian24

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Part 77

Uhuru and Hiari were about to battle Hunaraa as he camouflaged himself to his surroundings. Hiari couldn't tell where Hunaraa could be "Hey Uhuru. Do you know where Hunaraa is hiding?" asked Hiari "I believe I know where he's hiding" said Uhuru. Uhuru looked carefully at his surroundings as he then leaped a step back because he saw Hunaraa running right at him Hunaraa tried punching Uhuru with his exo-leaf blades, but he blocked them by using his drill as a shield "You maybe able to fire splinters, but I can drill them" said Uhuru as he began rotating his drill which caused Hunaraa's splinters and even his hands to be smashed into bits "Hiari, now you should attack him" said Uhuru "OK" said Hiari as he began running directly at Hunaraa. Hunaraa then fell to the ground and camouflaged himself "Damn it. He hid...again" said Hiari "I can see the details and outline of his body. He's heading back to the cave" said Uhuru "Then that's where we'll go" said Hiari "Ok, so come on let's go and kick him in the crotch so hard that not even his wounds will camouflage" said Luonto trying to sound braver than he actual was recently "But one thing...why makes you so certain he's heading there?" said Hiari "It's because I can see the details of his armour...oh never mind come on" said Uhuru. As they were heading back down to the core of Manateeland, Luonto saw the Kanohi mask of manatees glow as it was still in his hands "The mask appears to be glowing" said Uhuru "Yes...yes it is" said Luonto "What do you think it means?" said Hiari "It must mean something important" said Luonto "I agree" said Uhuru. As they were entering the core of Manateeland, Hiari fell to the ground "What happened?" said Hiari "Hunaraa is still near us" said Uhuru "I guess you damaging his arms didn't slow him down" said Luonto "That and I sense the mask's glow slowed us down because we were attention to it for too long" said Uhuru "Alright then I guess we should just keep walking" said Luonto "No, I want to fight Hunaraa. I won't let him escape" said Hiari "Very well. It's not the right thing to do, but we must enter the cave" said Uhuru. Uhuru and Luonto entered the silver tube which lead to Luonto's cave while Hiari battled Hunaraa "Wherever you're hiding my light will expose you" said Hiari as he began firing bolts of lightning out of his lightning saw shields "Light cannot expose what is transparent to you" said Hunaraa as he appeared to not be attacking "Sounds like you're still hurting from what Uhuru did" said Hiari "No, I'm just stalling" said Hunaraa "Stalling for what? Oh crap!" said Hiari. Hiari then began shooting bolts of lightning at everything that surrounded him "I hope you can camouflage out of this" said Hiari as the entrance to the core of Manateeland was now filled with nothing but lightning which only Hiari could escape through "You might be stalling, but I'll be a Toa-hero" said Hiari as he rushed towards the silver tube and entered Luonto's cave. He saw his brothers battling Wasomi's sons. He yelled to them "We've got to get the stuff out of here!" "But, we're busy battling these weirdos" said Dinis "Yeah Hiari, have some fun in what you do for once" said Vapous "Now's not the time to argue. Now's the time to leave before we're stuck here or something" said Hiari. Maziwa jumped to where Hiari was standing, before he could even jump and yell at Hiari he fired a ball of lightning from one of his lightning saws at him "Wow, Hiari seems more serious about this sort of stuff than usual" said Takatahi. The Toa and Luonto all ran as fast as they could to where Hiari was standing "Come on" said Hiari "We better run fast" said Dinis as he saw Kurauri and Upinzani appear to be running after the Toa. The Toa ran as fast as they could "Oh crap this sucks" said Takatahi as he and the others saw the bolts of lightning that were bouncing all over their exit "We don't have time to go through lightning. Just get us out of here Hiari" demanded Dinis "Fine, but I did this for a reason" said Hiari "Yes, it is for a reason I fundamentally disagree with right now" said Uhuru "Let's see if my water will flush away all this lightning" said Vapous as he fired spirals of waters from the tips of his water blades. They didn't do anything to the lightning, but it caused Hunaraa to speak "Be careful you don't drown" said Hunaraa "How would we drown in lightning?" said Hiari "Never mind" said Hunaraa "Oh, that's why you had to fill this place with lightning" said Dinis. Upinzani and Kurauri were getting closer and closer to the Toa when Uhuru said "They're coming. We must find a way to escape" said Uhuru "Let's stay here. This is going to be hilarious" said Vapous "How is not having a way to escape hilarious?" said Hiari "Just wait. It's gonna be a way to get rid of our problems" said Vapous "Sounds like your enhancing our problems" said Dinis. Kurauri entered out from the silver tube as he approached the Toa "Looks like this is where you die and we escape" said Kurauri. Upinzani then came out of the silver tube and said "Good thing Maziwa is still resting below us as he's still trying to heal" said Upinzani "Yes, that's a god thing" said Kurauri "Hey! Let's battle these sons of Wasomi" said Dinis "We could...or we could make a deal" said Kurauri "What kind of deal?" asked Hiari "If you heal Maziwa we'll let you escape" said Kurauri "So, do you agree to our deal?" asked Upinzani "No!" said Dinis "But, we should think about the pros and cons of this" said Luonto "I've had to hear with you" Dinis said to Luonto "Very well then. Upinzani fire at them now" said Kurauri "Ok get ready" said Upinzani as he fired a Taina worm at the Taina. It didn't do any harm as it got zapped by the bolts of lightning that flew behind where the Toa were "Oh crap" said Upinzani "We've got to go back down" said Kuauri. Dinis ran right at Kurauri and blocked the entrance to Luonto's cave(silver tube) "You're not going anywhere" said Dinis "Get out of our way" demanded Kurauri "No" said Dinis "Get ready to have you're insides destroyed" said Upinzani as he stood right where Dinis was standing "Takatahi! Grab them now!" Dinis yelled "Got it" said Takatahi as he grabbed Upinzani and Kurauri with his stone hooked claws and as quickly as possible threw them at the entrance of the core of Manateeland where it was filled with bolts of lightning bouncing everywhere "I told you that would be funny and solve a problem" said Vapous "That's true, but how do we get out of here?" said Dinis "Wait here, I'll deal with this" said Hiari as he ran through the lightning he created. He then used his lightning saw shields to cut through the bolts of lightning. He then said "Quickly now. Run as fast as possible" the Toa and Luonto ran up to the surface "Hopefully Wasomi's sons won't get back up and run" said Dinis "Hopefully not" said Hiari. The Toa reached the surface of Manateeland where the sky was still covered in a black shadow. "Why do you think Hunaraa was trying to stall us? And stall us from what?" said Hiari "Whatever it is, we must be ready quickly because they could get back up and attack us again soon" said Dinis. Wasomi's sons were now the least of their worries as something was about to return...but what?

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Part 76

Dinis was being chased Wasomis'  sons as he entered Luonto's cave. Once he entered Luonto's cave, he ran to his brothers and told what he had heard "I found out how to get buckets of chicken" said Dinis as he was breathing heavily "Wow. You sound like someone's chasing you" said Vapous "That's because-" said Dinis as he interrupted by Wasomi's sons appearing out from the silver tube which lead to the cave "You won't be leaving this cave alive" said Kurauri "Oh yeah! Quick my brothers pray to the bucket of chicken gods" said Dinis "OK" said Takatahi as all the Toa except for Hiari prayed. Hiari then walked towards wher Takatahi was praying and said "Stop doing that. You and the others look stupid what you're doing" "But, we have to in order to get buckets of chicken" said Takatahi "We'll get buckets of chicken by killing you" said Upinzani "BUCKETS OF CHICKEN WILL BE MINE!" yelled Maziwa as he began jumping on top of Upinzani "Get off of me" said Upinzani. Upinzani then punched Maziwa with his vein claws. When Hiari saw them fighting, he quickly fired bolts of electricity at them and began running though the silver tube. As Hiari was running through the silver tube he said to himself "That's why I don't pray because it cause your enemies to kill you when you're not looking" Hunaraa camouflaged himself as he hid from his brothers as they were fighting among themselves and the Toa. He then walked through the silver tube. Hiari reached the surface of Manateeland and as he did. He stared at the black sky that now covered Manateeland in a shadow and said "Holy crap. This place needs to get some light back into it" Hiari then made his mask glow in order to see clearer what his surroundings were. Hunaraa was sneaking near him as he moved in circles "Soon Toa. Soon you'll be dead" said Hunaraa. Hiari quickly payed attention to the unexplained words he was hearing come near him "Who said that? Who are you?" said Hiari. Hiari's lightning saw shields began rotating and revving up in preparation for whatever was speaking to him and approaching him "I'm here...while my brothers are down there with your...brothers" said Hunara "You're one of Wasomi's sons" said Hiari. Hunaraa then made himself visible as he walked up to Hiari and said "Yes I am" Hunaraa fired splinters at Hiarai. Many of them he missed by blocking them with his lightning saw shields, but some of them stung him. Meanwhile, Hiari's brothers battling Wasomi's sons "Damn it! Praying really was a waste of time" said Vapous as he was fighting Maziwa "If we don't win. We're going to be a waste of everything" said Dinis as he was firing balls of fire at Upinzani. Takatahi and Uhuru were fighting Kurauri. Uhuru heard fighting noises coming from above him and said to Takatahi "I'll be back, but keep fighting Kurauri" "OK" said Takatahi as he stone hooked claws got stuck in Kurauri vein bone scythe. Luonto then left the Toa as he was going with Uhuru "I'm going to help Uhuru if he needs help" said Luonto "Oh fine..." said Dinis grunting as he was battling Upinzani. Uhuru and Luonto walked through the silver tube and once they reached the surface they saw Hiari battling Hunaraa "Looks like you've returned" said Hunaraa "Yes I have and let me and my brother battle you" said Uhuru "Very well...if you can spot me" said Hunaraa as he camouflaged himself to his surroundings.

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Part 75

Dinis was chasing Upinzani and Kurauri as they were heading towards the surface of Manateeland "Quick! We need to run faster!" said Kurauri "No, I'll do this" said Upinzani as he fired a Taina worm at Dinis. Dinis then fell through the silver tube as he landed back to Luonto's cave. The Taina worm slid through the tube as it stared at the Toa "We need to stop that Taina worm" said Dinis "Let's do this brothers" said Takatahi. The Toa were about run directly at the Taina worm as it was blocking the path of the silver tube, but then Dinis said "You all should battle that Tiana worm while I'm going to go after those weirdos" "No, don't" said Luonto "I can't let them escape and mess up Manateeland" said Dinis "But what about fighting together as a team" said Takatahi in curiosity "I'm aware of that, but if we get rid of those sons of Wasomi then we'll deal with less of those" said Dinis as he pointed his wrist sword near the Taina worm as it was about to eat the Toa. The Toa then stood around the Tiana worm and fired as much of their elemental powers at it as possible "Just keep attacking him with everything you've got" said Dinis. The Tiana was trapped and surrounded by the Toa as they fired everything they could when it came to their elemental powers at the Tiana worm. Meanwhile Luonto began walking towards the silver tube and appeared to be trying to crawl into it. Uhuru then heard one of Luonto's footsteps as stopped attacking the Taina worm and said "Luonto appears to be escaping and entering the tube" Dinis stopped attacking the Taina worm as he saw it began to appear shriveled up and almost dead. He ran to the tube as he began crawling upwards into it. He saw Luonto trying to reach the surface and as he did Dinis grabbed one of Luonto's legs as he held onto him and said "Why are you trying to escape when you told us not to?" said Dinis with anger as he was about to be angry no matter what Luonto said "I was just uh...trying to get some sunshine from the sky outside" said Luonto "That's bull crap! It's super dark out there!" said Dinis as he fired a ball of fire at Luonto "Now tell me why you tried to escape" said Dinis "Oh come this isn't right" said Luonto "Too bad" said Dinis as he punched Luonto in his crotch "Now tell me why you were trying to leave us" said Dinis "Fine then, I wanted to surrender to Wasomi's sons because I whatever happens soon will be the end for all of us" said Luonto. Dinis appeared frustrated at what Luonto had just said "So you're saying we've lost and Wasomi has won?" said Dinis "Uh...basically yes" said Luonto "You suck you know that" said Dinis "Yeah. I guess I do, but at least I'm Pateri or Wasomi" said Luonto trying to make the best of the situation. Dinis then grabbed Luonto and put him on his back as he said "Don't leave or else me or Vapous will kill you" said Dinis "OK fine. I get the point already. I won't betray you or the others" said Luonto "Good" said Dinis. Dinis and Luonto eventually entered the surface of Manateeland and as they did Dinis said "Holy crap it's dark up here" "You've got that right" said Luonto. Upinzani and Kurauri were standing a few feet away from Dinis and Luonto as Upinzani said "I find it quite bright and beautiful out here" said Upinzani as his view of beauty was dark colours and eternal darkness while Dinis' view was bright colours "Looks like you killed the Taina worm" said Upinzani "Yeah, me and my brothers killed it all right and now I'm gonna kill you" said Dinis as he was about to attack Upinzani and Kurauri with his wrist sword. Upinzani fired a Tiana worm at Dinis, but he sliced it in half before it could grow to a big size "Oh crap that should have worked" said Upinzani "This will work to defeat you!" said Dinis as he leaped towards Upinzani and kicked him in the crotch "That hurts" said Upinzani "It should" said Dinis. Then Dinis suddenly fell to the ground as felt someone kick him in his back. Hunaraa the appeared as he said "good thing I didn't leave all the action" Maziwa then appeared as he was hiding behind a rock near the village of stone "Now do we get buckets of chicken?!" said Maziwa as he began jumping on top of Dinis' back "Not yet, but maybe you 2 can help us" said Hunaraa "Why should we help you?" asked Kurauri "Because if you don't then you won't find out how to get buckets of chicken" said Hunaraa "Fine then, how do we get buckets of chicken?" asked Kurauri "BUCKETS OF CHICKEN!" yelled Maziwa with excitement as he continued jumping on Dinis "Now here's how you get buckets of chicken...what you do is pray to the bucket of chicken gods" said Hunaraa as he whispered "OK then...and that'll work?" said Kurauri "I'm certain it will and then we'll have buckets of chicken to eat" said Hunara "BUCKETS OF CHICKEN! BUCKETS OF CHICKEN I can't wait for!" yelled Maziwa in excitement as he kept jumping on top of Dinis. Dinis slowly moved his arm as he was about to use his wrist sword. He then got up and stabbed Maziwa in his chest "Take that you yelling weirdo" said Dinis. Meanwhile Luonto was hiding near Dinis' belly the whole time "Get him and kill him!" said Kurauri as they all began running at Dinis and Luonto. The knowledge Dinis now knew would be very...useful for the Toa.

Part 74

The Toa were wondering what to do now that they were in Luonto's cave and also because Uhuru and Hiari were badly injured. Dinis and Luonto were watching over Hiari while Takatahi and Vapous were watching over Uhuru in order to make sure nothing bad or weird would happen "So, what should we do?" asked Takatahi "I don't know for sure-" said Vapous as he was interrupted by Takatahi "I know, I should throw a boulder at Uhuru to see if he reacts or something" Takatahi was about to fire a boulder that came from his hands, but then Vapous said "Stop! Maybe this will work" Vapous then fired puddles of fire at Uhuru as he was lying on the ground in pain. It didn't do anything to Uhuru except make his armour wet "Oh crap it didn't do anything" said Vapous. Meanwhile Dinis was watching over Hiari as he saw him feeling nothing, but pain as he didn't know for sure what would happen to him or what he'd turn into to "We need to leave this cave soon" said Dinis "No, not yet. We must stay here until we're ready to battle Wasomi's sons" said Luonto "We need to find a way to keep Hiaria and Uhuru here while the rest of us fight up there" said Dinis. Takatahi then blurted out "Should me and Vapous still keep an eye on Uhuru?" "Yes, for now at least" said Dinis "Well, OK then brother" said Takatahi. Uhuru saw some dust or rubble fall from the ceiling as it lightly sprinkled his mask as he said "Someone is coming down here as we speak" Hiari then said "What makes you say that?" "Save you energy brother. This isn't a time for you to speak, but to heal" said Dinis "I say that because I feel and see the ceiling vibrate slightly" said Uhuru "Are you sure that's not just Takatahi or Dinis walking loudly?" said Vapous "No...someone is coming" said Uhuru as he felt pain in his body. Dinis, Vapous and Takatahi ran to the entrance of the silver tube as they waited to see what would slide out of there "Prepare for what ever's coming down that tube brothers" said Dinis "OK, this is going to be fun" said Vapous "Luonto try to keep an eye on Hiari and Uhuru and make sure their condition doesn't get worse" said Dinis "Got it" said Luonto. Dinis, Takatahi and Vapous stared upwards at the silver tube, waiting to see what would come out of there "I should crawl up there" said Vapous "No, don't do something risky" said Dinis. They saw 2 beings come out of the tube. It was Kuruari and Upinzani. The Toa were about to run right at them, but then Kuruauri said "Can we stay down here?" "That's a weird thing to say" said Takatahi. Hiari then began crawling to where his brothers were standing and said "Why have you come here?" "Luonto! I thought you were watching over him so he doesn't do something that's unusual" said Dinis "Sorry about that. I was focused on Uhuru and it's hard to keep an eye on 2 beings that are suffering" said Luonto. Kuruari then said to Dinis Hunaraa is trying to kill us all and maybe if we work together we can stop him" "Hey! You gave me a disease so why should we trust you?" asked Hiari "Yeah! If we help you, you've got to promise to not kill us" said Dinis "Want me to just kill the red one now?" said Upinzani as he suddenly made their conversation with the Toa uncomfortable "No, now just shut up and let me do the talking" said Kuruari "OK then. So what should we do to help?" said Kurauri "Can you heal me of this disease?" said Hiari "No, sorry about that but I can give diseases but I can't get rid of them" said Kurauri "So how are we going to cure Hiari?" said Takatahi "I don't know maybe just get use to being whatever weird thing you turn into I guess" said Kurauri. Dinis then kicked Kurauri in the crotch as he pushed him to the wall and said "This is serious you piece of crap Wasomi made! Now tell me if there's a cure for Hiari" Kurauri then said "Your brother Uhuru will heal of his painful wounds" "How? And I'm not asking about Uhuru, I'm asking about Hiari" said Dinis in a demanding tone. Luonto then walked up to Dinis and said "hey. I just realized I could heal Uhuru and maybe Hiari" "Looks like we won't your help after all" said Vapous. Luonto then ran to Uhuru and touched Uhuru's mask with his elbow blades as it healed his wounds. Uhuru got up and said "I feel better" "Now! Do that to Hiari" said Dinis "OK. Luonto walked towards Hiari as he was about to heal him, but Hiarai then said "Are you sure this will work?" "I'm certain. Now come on just let me touch your mask with my elbow blades" said Luonto "Wait! Let's see what Hiari mutates into" said Vapous. Dinis and Uhuru then walked up to Vapous and kicked him in the crotch until he fell to the ground "It was just a suggestion" said Vapous "No, it wasn't. That was just weird what you just said" said Dinis "Fine then" said Vapous. Kurauri and Upinzani then began walking upwards in the silver tube as Kuruari said "well. I guess we should leave you all now" Dinis then began to sound angry as he said "No! Get back here or else I'll chase you back down here" Dinis began crawling up the silver tube and as he did so Upinzani and Kuruari began crawling upwards at a faster pace. Luonto then touched Hiari with elbow blades as it healed him of the disease that Kuruari's scythe transmitted to him "Wow. I'm better" said Hiarai in a relieved tone. Meanwhile Dinis was chasing Kurauri and Upinzani as they were reaching the surface of Manateeland. 

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Part 73

Upinzani, Maziwa and Kurauri reached the surface of Manateeland. They were surprised at the things they saw up there "This island looks beautiful" said Upinzani "I do agree" said Kurauri as he gazed at the sky. Maziwa appeared to not care as much about the surface's beauty as he screamed "We're not here to stare at skies! We're here to eat BUCKETS OF CHICKEN!" Maziwa's yelling caused villagers from all across the island of Manateeland run towards the part where all 5 villages meet. They looked scared and confused at what they were seeing. Upinzani then walked up to Maziwa and said "Look what you're damn yelling just did" "What? Deliver these weak Rahi?" said Maziwa "Hey! we're not weak" said a villager from the village of fire. Upinzani there fired a Taina worm near the villagers of earth and as he did so, a giant purple Taina worm appeared as it began to eat the villagers' insides. Maziwa then began screaming and waving his arms towards the villagers "We rule this land now" said Kurauri as he lifted his vein bone scythe arm in the air. The purple Taina worm began chasing the villagers from the village of water, but something was blocking the Taina worm's path "You're pet isn't chasing them still" said Kurauri "What" said Upinzani in a surprise reaction. Upinzani and Kurauri then began staring at the Taina worm and they suddenly remembered who or what could be blocking them "It's Hunaraa" said Kurauri "Very well, let me take care of this" said Upinzani as he walked towards the Taina worm "Move over there" said Upinzani as he pushed his Taina worm to the beside him. Upinzani then punched Hunaraa in the face with his vein claws which caused Hunaraa to fall to the ground. Hunaraa's body then changed from being a camouflage of his surroundings to his normal colour scheme "You thought you'd betray us brother" said Upinzani "No, but I just ate a bucket of chicken..." said Hunaraa as he began to get up from the ground "Now I'm going to use my power from eating a bucket of chicken to do this" said Hunaraa as he began firing splinters made of acid at Upinzani's Taina worm which caused it's body to shriveled and turn into dust "Oh crap! Buckets of chicken are strong and powerful!" said Kuruari in amazement "Did you just say buckets of chicken!" yelled Maziwa in excitement. Maziwa then ran directly at Hunaraa as he began jumping and yelling at him. Hunaraa then fired acid splinters at Maziwa, causing him to let go of him "get off of me, you yelling piece of crap" said Hunaraa with a slight amount of anger in his voice. Maziwa then got back up and began punching Hunaraa in his torso with his shadow screech blades. It didn't do much damage to Hunaraa, but it got annoying quickly "Hey! Stop that. It's getting exhausting" said Hunaraa. Maziwa reacted to what he said with a bunch of screaming. Hunaraa they began to get frustrated and began firing splinters made of acid at Maziwa's crotch "This will make you crotch scream in pain as much as you made me feel pain from you damn yelling" said Hunaraa. Maziwa then fell to the ground. Maziwa then began to make whimpering sounds. Hunaraa then stepped one of his feet on Maziwa's torso and as he did he said "Give up yet?" Maziwa didn't respond, but instead collapsed to the ground as he appeared lifeless "Now, as for you 2. I'm going to take you down" said Hunaraa as he was about to fight Upinzani and Kurauri, but he then saw Upinzani and Kurauri running away back to the entrance of the core of Manateeland. He was about to run after them, but instead continued stepping on top of Maziwa "Looks like it's time for you to die" said Hunaraa. Hunaraa was about to fired more acid splinters at Maziwa, but then he felt something happen to him. The power from the buckets of chicken wore off. Maziwa then began to regain conscientiousness and screeched at Hunara. Hunaraa then fell to the ground and as he was getting back up Maziwa walked up to him and said "Now, it's your turn to die" Hunaraa appeared worried and said "Look, I'm sorry about almost killing you, but that wasn't was the bucket of chicken that made me do that" Maziwa appeared slightly skeptical of what Hunaraa just said, but then Maziwa said "Fine, but if you do that again, I'll really mess you up" said Maziwa "Same thing if that happened to you" said Hunaraa. Hunaraa then thought to himself "Good, he's accepting my lie. Now I just need to make sure he doesn't get in my way for real" 

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Part 72

Uhuru and Luonto were sliding through the silver which lead to his former home. They landed in his cave where they were both surprised at how much conflict was going on right in front of them "There's a lot going on down here" said Luonto in astonished as he and Uhuru saw the Toa battling Wasomi's sons. Takatahi stopped paying attention to fighting Nafaka as he walked towards Uhuru and said "Glad to see you here brother" "Same here" said Uhuru as he and Takatahi did a brofist as a way of saying hello. Takatahi then returned to fighting Nafaka, but Nafaka was already attacking him. Hiari stopped and payed attention to what was happening to Takatahi and said "Doesn't that hurt?" "No, it feels kind of numb" said Takatahi. Hiari then resumed fighting Kurauri as he fired bolts of lightning at Kurauri which him feel slightly dizzy and made it hard for him to attack Hiari "You seem clever Toa, but not clever enough" said Kurarui "Oh, why do you say that?" said Hiari as he was striking Kurauri with bolts of lightning that ripped through his lightning saw shields "Because I'm going to transfer something to you that's...shocking" said Kurauri as he ran right up to Hiari with his vein bone scythe waving upwards. He sliced part of Hiari's armour as his previous attempts to attack him with his vein bone scythe didn't work. Hiari then fell to the ground with his armour cracked apart "What did you do to me?" said Hiari as he felt pain going through him "I transmitted a disease to you which will soon mutate you into something you wouldn't want to know" said Kurauri "Tell me..." said Hiari as he barely speak. The other Toa ran to Hiari as his body was lying in pain on the ground. Wasomi's sons then ran back to the surface...except for Nafaka "Come on! Let them rot in this crap hole because everything else will soon be ours" Kurauri said to Nafaka as he as well as Maziwa and Upinzani were entering the silver tube "No thanks, I'm gonna kill them now or else it might be never" said Nafaka "Hey, it's your funeral" said Upinzani as he thought about firing a Taina worm at Nafaka. The Toa as well as Luonto stood around Hiari as he suffered from the pain he was facing "Can anyone just tell me what the crap hole is goin' on with Hiari!?" demanded Dinis "Oh wait I almost to say to Luonto and Uhuru...hi" said Vapous as he brofisted Uhuru and Luonto "Hey, what about me" said Taktahi. Vapous and Takatahi then brofisted "We don't have time for that formal crap. Now come on, can you tell us what's happened to Hiari?!" said Dinis "Very well, but I'm not completely certain" said Luonto. Before Luonto could answer Nafaka then jumped on top of Takatahi. Uhuru then blocked him from attacking Takatahi anymore "Thanks" said Takatahi as Uhuru was fighting Nafaka "Don't...mention it" said Uhuru. Uhuru punched Nfaka a few times using his drill, but Uhuru's senses were so strong and sensitive that even the lightest touch from Nafaka's stinger claws felt a million times worse than it would have been for Takatahi "We've got to help him" said Dinis "What about me" said Hiari in pain as his voice was cracking slightly "This is a tough choice we've got to make" said Takatahi "Yes, it is indeed" said Luonto as he watched what was happening "I'll fight that Wasomi son" said Dinis "No, I want to" said Vapous. Dinis and Vapous were about to fight to find out who would do what, but they knew they had to help their brothers first "I'll help Hiari and you beat up that thing that's attacking Uhuru. Got it" said Dinis "Yeap" said Vapous as he ran to Uhuru. Vapous fired a splash of water at Nafaka "Hey! Let go of my brother" said Vapous "Or what? You'll make me wet?" said Nafaka "No...I'll do this" said Vapous as he hunched over slightly as he began to look directly as Nafaka from below as he said "Try to deal with this" said Vapous as he sliced one of his water blades directly at Nafaka's crotch which resulted in his croth leaking out a bunch of rainbow coloured liquid as he fell to the ground in pain. Vapous and Takatahi then ran to Uhuru to see if he was ok "You OK brother?" asked Vapous "No, I'm in a crapload of pain" said Uhuru "Hopefully it won't hurt for that much longer" said Vapous "I hope so too" blurted Takatahi. Meanwhile as Uhuru was in pain, Hiari was facing a suffering which was much more intense and fundamentally scary "Luonto...please just tell me...what's going to happen to me" said Hiari "Well..." said Luonto "Hey! Just stop speaking around this tell me what's happening to my brother or else I'm going to kick you in the crotch!" said Dinis "Fine. Fine. Fine. I'll just say this, you've got a disease now and it'll turn you into something that's not a Toa, but besides that I've got no idea what's going on with you" said Luonto "But, maybe one of Kurauri's brothers knows what's going to happen to me" said Hiari. Dinis then ran to Uhuru, Vapous and Takatahi and said "Let me see that weirdo" said Dinis "That makes you weird" said Vapous "Oh, just shut up" said Dinis as he stood close towards Nafaka and asked "What did your brother do to Hiarai?" "I really don't know or care" said Nafaka "Hey! tell us or else everything else will leak rainbows" said Vapous "That's what'll happen if you don't tell us" said Takatahi "I really don't know or care...I'm just telling the truth" said Nafaka. Dinis then fired a ball of fire at Nafaka's crotch "Now are you ready to talk?" said Dinis. Nafaka paused for a few seconds and then said "Nope" "Fine, I'll stab you crotch until you die and your head explodes" said Dinis as he was about to strike his wrist sword at Nafaka's crotch, but then Nafka said "Wait!" "Finally, you're gonna talk" said Dinis "Still, no but-" said Nafaka as he was then interrupted by Vapous who said "Hey, can I kill this one" "No" said Dinis. Dinis then presumed as he was about to stab Nafaka in the crotch, but then Nafaka said "OK! I'll tell what you need to know...the scythe Kurauri strook your brother with is going to slowly mutate him...and you should be lucky he didn't do that while eating a bucket of chicken because then he would have mutated can I go" "Yes" said Dinis, but before that could happen, Vapous ran right up to Nafaka and began slicing his body into pieces "This is fun" said Vapous as his attention was on killing Nafaka and seeing his dead body and his organs ripped apart in front of his eyes. Dinis then ran up to him and kicked him in the crotch "What was that for?" said Vapous "He told us what we needed to know and you just killed him" said Dinis "We know what we know now and this is one less son of Wasomi's who trying to kill us" said Vapous "Wow, for once you make a good point" said Dinis. Meanwhile on the surface of Manateeland Upinzani, Maziwa and Kurauri were about to see some surprises of their own.  

Friday, July 3, 2015

Part 71

Hunaraa was struggling to escape the grip the rock pillars had on top of his body. He camouflaged his body as he made dozens of attempts of escaping the pillars. He began sliding his body from each side trying to see if they would affect the stability of the pillars, but it didn't "This is gonna take awhile" said Hunaraa as he knew it would be difficult to escape the pillars which Uhuru fired at him with "A bucket of chicken would really help get out of this situation" said Hunaraa. He then began firing splinters made of acid out of exo-leaf arms, but they only made small scratches to the bottom of the pillars as they were stacked side by side to him as he could feel his arms go numb with pain from the pressure and weight of the pillars. Hunaraa then began to go numb and started praying in his mind "Please give me a bucket of chicken so I don't die" suddenly a bucket of chicken began crashing down from the sky. It landed right next to Hunaraa "I just need to move my head a little bit and then I can eat this" said Hunaraa as he began turning his and then a dark red orange stick like tongue came out from the bottom of his mouth as he used his tongue to try to grab the bucket of chicken. He curled his tongue around the bucket of chicken as he then lifted it upwards and then began shoveling the chicken legs all over his face. The moment he finished eating the buckets of chicken his mask began to glow a gold colour. He then fired splinters made of acid at the rock pillars as he felt a new source of energy flow through his body. He then got up from the ground "Buckets of chicken really are more awesome than I could ever had imagined" said Hunaraa as he felt strength coming from his voice "Now to enter the core to where my brothers are-" Hunaraa then interrupted himself as he then looked over Manateeland with it's colourful villages and looked upwards into the sky "Maybe I'll stay up here for now...and then I'll take control of Manateeland...for Wasomi of course" Hunaraa then began to realize that instead of fighting underground, he'd rule the least for now.  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Part 70

Luonto had reached the surface of Manateeland. He watched for a few seconds as he saw Uhuru battling an invisible foe "Do you know where you're enemy is?" asked Luonto "Yes" said Uhuru as he appeared focused on trying to figure out where his enemy was moving. Uhuru then stood still as he looked directly towards him. Luonto appeared a little bit worried at what Uhuru was doing, but was then relieved when he saw Uhuru strike someone down to the ground with his drill. He then grabbed him using his claw. He lifted him up in the air as the being who was invisible was now showing his true colours. Hunaraa appeared as he was being grabbed by Uhuru "So, you finally caught me" said Hunaraa. Uhuru didn't respond. Luonto then ran towards Uhuru and said "How could you tell where he was?" "My senses are strong and with enough focus I was to be obsess over the little details and outline of something or someone I saw moving that was attacking me and my brothers" said Uhuru as he stared directly at Luonto and then retruned to obsessively focusing on keeping an eye on Hunaraa who was now in Uhuru's grip "Wow, I can't believe you're not obsessive over must suck for you now-" said Hunaraa as he interrupted himself as he moved one of his arms slightly which was stuck in Uhuru's claw. He fired small splinters from one of his exo-leaf arms which caused Uhuru to leap away and let go of Hunaraa "That's how you get sent from by a Toa and that's how I kill a Toa" said Hunaraa as he began firing small splinters at rapid fire at Uhuru and Luonto "Luonto! Stand behind me and don't move!" demanded Uhuru as he did what Uhuru had told him. Uhuru began feeling extreme pain through his more than the other Toa would as the splinters began getting stuck in his armour. Uhuru then punched his drill onto the ground and as he did so a rock pillar flew out of the ground where Hunaraa was standing which hit him in the crotch. Hunaraa then fell to the ground "My crotch! It hurts so much now" complained Hunaraa "Come on, let's beat the junk out of him" said Luonto. Uhuru nodded in agreement. Uhuru was about to fire a beam on energy out of his drill, but then Hunaraa began to slowly get back up and in a slightly tired and exhausted tone he said "You think you can defeat me? You can't defeat me because you are crap which I will kill in order to exchange you for a bucket of chicken" Uhuru then fired a blast of energy directly at Hunaraa and in doing so caused him to be flung across Manateeland and eventually ending where he was at the moment he was attacked "Looks like he's just been on a death trip" said Luonto in a relieved tone "He's not dead, but I must go down there to help my brothers" said Uhuru "No, this weirdo must die" said Luonto "Very well" said Uhuru as he punched both of his hands into the ground. 2 pillars made of rock flew out of the ground and in were heading at Hunaraa. Uhuru then stood back a few feet as he appeared worried "What is it?" wondered Luonto "This might kill him" said Uhuru "Damn it! We gotta really kill him" said Luonto. Uhuru then felt the ground underneath him vibrate slightly as he could sense Hunaraa's body starting to move at a faster pace again. Hunaraa then stood up as he allowed the pillar to strike him down "Now he's dead" said Luonto "I'm not completely certain...but I must help my brothers" said Uhuru "Fine then, go ahead and help your brothers" said Luonto as he appeared to a complaining tone in his voice. Uhuru and Luonto then entered the entrance to the core of Manateeland. Meanwhile Hunaraa camouflaged his skin as he began attempting to break through the rock pillars that were on top of his body.      

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Part 69

The Toa and Luonto entered the entrance of the core of Manateeland. They noticed that the core of Manateeland had changed from being a dark tunnel filled place to the only visible place to move towards was forwards into a silver coloured tube which looked at them right in their eyes "Wow things have changed down here" said Takatahi as he tried to see things clearer by using the telescopic lens in his Kanohi "Let's go down that silver tube now" said Dinis "Are we sure this is where we must go?" asked Hiari "Yes, I'm certain because this is what leads to my former home" said Luonto "So this weird messed up place is your home" said Vapous "Yeah" said Luonto "Wow you live in one unstable piece of crap" said Vapous "Yeah, that is true" said Takatahi in agreement. Luonto appeared to give no emotion to Vapous and Takatahi's comments "Just shut up and go through that tube" said Dinis grunting "Oh fine" said Vapous as he was the first out of the Toa to slide through the silver tube. The other Toa and Luonto then did the same. They then entered Luonto's former cave "Wow this place looks weird and dark" said Vapous "So do they" said Takatahi as he pointed his stone hooked claws towards Elige getting the crap beaten out of him by Maziwa and Nafaka "This is a great way to kill a Toa" said Nafaka as he sliced through Elige's torso with his stinger claws "Buckets of chicken! Buckets of chicken will soon be mine!" shouted Maziwa with excitement as his weapons shouted through the air which damaged Elige's memory "Hey! Leave that Toa alone" demanded Dinis as he lifted his wrist sword upwards as a threat "Or what? You'll stop us from getting buckets of chicken" said Kurauri as he appeared to not be that threatened by Dinis and the Toa "How would you get buckets of chicken when they vanished from growing out of the ground?" said Hiari "If we kill a Toa, we get a bucket of chicken from Wasomi" said Upinzani as he pointed his Taina worm blaster near Dinis "Hey! If Wasomi gives buckets of chicken for dead Toa then what does he give for dead sons?" said Dinis as he fired a ball of fire at Upinzani. Upinzani dodged the attack as he fired a Taina worm at Dinis which he dodged as the blast hit the wall "Is that all you got you piece of crap" said Dinis "No, but soon your fellow Toa will be shredded into pieces by my brothers over there" said Upinzani as he briefly looked at Elige being attacked by Nafaka and Maziwa. Elige knowing he was nearly certain to die if he didn't fight back then made his body vanish as his body and spirit returned back to the Kanohi mask of manatees "So is he dead?" said Nafaka "Hey, is a Toa's body vanishing, but their mask remains count as dead?" said Nafaka "I want buckets fo chicken! I want buckets of chicken!" screeched Maziwa as he began jumping up and down on all fours "If you keep jumping like that you'll make this entire place collapse" said Vapous as he began shielding himself with his water blades "Maybe that Toa didn't die, but I'll make you die" said Maziwa as he was about to jump on Vapous. "Screw you guys, I'm going back up" said Hiari "You must help us" said Luonto as he walked towards Hiari "But, Uhuru might need help dealing with whatever is up there" said Hiari "Yes, that's true but let me go up there instead because although I can't fight with Uhuru, I can guide and watch over him while you deal with these weirdos down here" said Luonto. Luonto then crawled and picked up Elige's mask as it glowed a sky blue and whitish yellow colour "This mask that was and is Elige's will guide me, you and your brothers. Battle Wasomi's so called sons while I keep the mask in safe hands" said Luonto "OK then, but when will you tell us what you know?" asked Hiari "In time and goodbye" said Luonto as he entered the silver tube which lead him back to the surface. Hiari then ran towards Kurauri as he was about to battle alongside with his brothers.      

Monday, June 29, 2015

Part 68

The Toa and Luonto were about to enter the entrance to the core of Manateeland, but something was blocking them "Hey! Why aren't you going entering the core?" asked Hiari as Dinis appeared to be being block by something invisible "Something is in my damn way" said Dinis as he began to get frustrated "Let me try to get through and I'll be able to kill what ever's in my way" said Vapous as he sliced his water blades through the air "Hey, it didn't do anything and for some reason the entrance is still stuck to get through" said Vapous. Takatahi then fired a boulder at the entrance "Maybe this will work" said Takatahi as he fired a boulder out of his hands, but it fired right back at Takatahi as a bunch of tiny shards. Takatahi then fell to the ground as the stone shards made him confused. Uhuru then attempted to walk through the entrance of the core of Manateeland and as he was about to walk through the entrance he saw something. Uhuru stopped walking and lifted his head upwards as it appeared he was looking at something with great detail "Hey! Uhuru, just drill your way through there" said Dinis "Silence Dinis! I think he sees something we can't" said Luonto. Uhuru then stood back a few inches and said "Someone is hiding in front of us" said Uhuru. Uhuru then lifted his drill into the air and began to fire upwards near the sky. He then began to fire at random places and said "I'm stopping him from blocking our path. Enter the core NOW!" said Uhuru as it appeared he was fighting something only he could see "Holy crap, Uhuru's crazy" said Vapous "Hey! Shut up and let him deal with whatever weird crap he's battling against" said Dinis as he thought about kicking Vapous in the crotch. The Toa and Luonto entered the core of Manateeland as Uhuru continued to battled his foe who was hiding. The Toa were now about to experience what evil things Wasomi has left below Manateeland's surface.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Part 67

The purple hole in the sky disappeared which left nothing black coloured darkness being the sky. Elige and Luonto knew the time came to enter the cave "Now is the time" said Elige "Yes, it is, but we must be careful" said Luonto. Elige noticed an empty bucket of chicken on the ground which Wasomi ate from. He picked it up and said "I think I can use this to collect things" Luonto then told Elige "OK, but we must hurry. Every moment counts" they both entered the core of Manateeland and then went through the silver tube which lead to the cave. As they stepped into the cave, it caused Wasomi's sons to stare at Elige and Luonto for a few seconds as they were about to run at Elige and Luonto "Leave this place now or else you'll die" said Nafaka "Yes, leave now or that bucket you're holding will be filled with your remains" said Kurauri as pointed his scythe at Elige "Hey! The only buckets are for is putting chicken legs in" said Elige "Did someone say buckets of chicken?!" howled Maziwa with excitement as he began running at Elige and then jumped on top of him "Luonto get those masks that are on the ground. There the Toa's masks" said Elige as Maziwa was using his shadow screech blades to try to stop Elige from thinking clearly. Luonto then ran to the masks that were on the ground and grabbed all 5 of them. Karauri, Upinzani and Nafaka didn't notice Luonto taking the Toa's masks that were on the ground because they were too focused on watching Maziwa beating up and screaming the crap at Elige. Luonto then crawled to the silver tube which lead him back to the surface. He then placed the masks back on the Toa's faces and in doing so gave them back their elemental powers which were briefly taken away from Wasomi taking their Kanohi masks "My's returned" said Takatahi "Where's Elige?" asked Hiari "He's in the core of Manateeland, we need to go down there and rescue him" said Luonto "Rescue? What's happening to him?" asked Hiari "Wasomi's sons are down there and there beating the holy crap and stuff out of him" said Luonto "We've got to go down there" said Dinis "Didn't we want Elige to die after he told us what he needed to tell us?" said Vapous "There's much yet for me and Elige to tell you" said Luonto "OK then, let's go down there and beat the stuff out of Wasomi's sons" said Dinis as they were about to enter the core of Manateeland...but was someone blocking the entrance...someone who was in plain site.     

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Part 66

Wasomi leaped into his cave, but briefly went back up to grab Nadharia's dead body from the ground "I better make sure I don't forget" said Wasomi. Wasomi then re entered his cave. Elige and Luonto were trying to protect themselves from the Taina worm "Why isn't he attacking us yet?" asked Elige as he noticed the Taina worm appeared to be moving only when Elige and Luonto moved "It appears to not have enough room to reach us to attack us do to how tall it is" said Luonto. Elige was blocking himself and Luonto with his claw shield. Wasomi then entered his and shoved Elige out of his way and said "Get out of my cave! I've important stuff to do" "No way. You're not going to fulfill that prophecy" said Elige "Just get out or else I'll have my Taina worm eat your insides right here, right now!" Wasomi yelled "We should just leave now" said Luonto "Oh...fine" said Elige as they began to run to the silver tube which lead them back to the surface. Elige and Luonto appeared exhausted from running so fast to exit Wasomi's cave "I feel tired" panted Elige. Elige then saw some buckets of hcicken growing out of the ground and picked 2 or 3 of them up and ate them "I feel a lot better now" said Elige as the buckets of chicken gave him energy and increased his power "I feel strong enough to battle Wasomi" said Elige "No, not yet" said Luonto as he began to also eat some buckets of chicken "What should we do about the Toa over there?" asked Elige "We must wait and enter my former cave" said Luonto "But, you said we should leave" said Elige "We enter the cave, but after the sun goes down" said Luonto "OK then, that might 2 or 3 hours from now" said Elige "I'll keep an eye on the Toa to make sure they don't suffer from not having their masks and these buckets of chicken help them live, but they might not be here for long" said Luonto "What do you mean?" asked Elige "Yes...what does...that mean?" asked Hiari as he struggled to speak "It means the buckets of chicken will be impacted by this prophecy Wasomi is trying to fulfill" said Luonto "What else does that mean?" asked Elige "I'm not completely certain, but..." Luonto was cut off by Elige that said "Look! The sun's going down!" shouted Elige. The sky began to turn black and meanwhile Wasomi then ran up to the surface and he looked at the sky and said "It's time" Wasomi then returned to his cave "I should have attacked him when he came up to the surface" said Elige "It's better we don' least for now" said Luonto. Wasomi then looked over everything he placed in the cave and said "All right Toa's masks: check. A Toa's dead body which has the set of instructions on it: check. The sun being down: check. A Taina worm which will be used as sacrifice: check" the Taina worm then looked slightly scared at what Wasomi had just said "Don't worry. It won't be...that painful" said Wasomi as he leaped on top of the Taina worm as he sliced it's head off using his Pateri blades and then sliced its remains into 5 slices. He then fired cursed masks at the slices of the Taina worm's remains "Now you shall rise to serve me" said Wasomi as the cursed masks transformed the slices of the Taina worm's remains into his sons "Why should we serve you?" asked one of his sons known as Nafaka "If you bring me a Toa's dead body, you'll rewards with buckets of chicken" said Wasomi. Maziwa then began jumping around and howling and then said "Did you say buckets of chicken" "Yes" said Wasomi "Oh boy! That sounds awesome!" shouted Maziwa "Wait. Weren't there 5 of you? Where's Hunaraa..." said Wasomi as he cut himself off to see Hunaraa was camouflaged with the walls of the cave using his camouflage powers on his skin "Sorry, but I prefer to get a heads start to kill those Toa" said Hunaraa "I'm gonna kill them first with my Taina worm blaster" said Upinzani as he appeared threaten Hunaraa "Just kill at least one Toa and you'll get a bucket of chicken" said Wasomi. Wasomi then placed the Toa's masks in a circle as they appeared to float in the air, surrounding Nadharia's body "Now the portal will open and the prophecy will be fulfilled" said Wasomi as Nadharia's body then turned to dust and then transformed into a purple mask "The Kanohi Nuinga will lead me to the temple of the bucket of chicken gods" said Wasomi. Wasomi then put on the Kanohi Nuinga as he placed it over his Kanohi Nyama "I'll be back and make sure you don't disappoint me" said Wasomi as a purple portal began to open up in the sky. Meanwhile Elige shouted "The prophecy, it's being fulfilled. I should leap into that purple hole in the sky" "No! We can't enter that hole because it only allows those who can create buckets of chicken to enter it" said Luonto "Do we go into the cave now?" asked Elige "Soon, but not yet" said Luonto. Suddenly the buckets of chicken that growing on the ground disappeared and meant only Wasomi had the power to create buckets of least that's Wasomi intends to do.       

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Part 65

The Toa reached the part of Manateeland where all 5 villages meet and at that moment Dinis and Takatahi let go of Nadharia's body as it then lied on the ground, but as they did so Uhuru said "Wasomi is right in front of us" Takatahi and Dinis didn't notice what Uhuru was saying as they felt kind of exhausted from lifting up Nadharia's body "Let's fight him" said Vapous with excitement in his voice "We'll be right there to fight with you all, but me and Dinis have to rest a little bit" said Takatahi "I'm super exhausted, but come on we got to battle this peace of crap" said Dinis as he ran straight towards Wasomi. A few seconds later Takatahi joined the others in their fight against Wasomi "Here, eat some buckets of chicken" said Elige as he threw buckets of chicken towards Dinis and Takatahi that were growing on the ground. They ate the buckets of chicken and it gave them enough energy to ran as fast as the other Toa and even slightly faster. They all ran directly at Wasomi, but one strike of his Pateri blades fired a blast right at the Toa which made them fall to the ground "You might have ate a few buckets of chicken, but I'm stronger and more powerful because I can make buckets of chicken" said Wasomi as he waved his arms in the air with pride "I can tell you've been eating a lot of buckets of chicken because you've got so much breading on your mask" said Vapous as he was lying on the ground "Too bad the only way you can get buckets of chicken is from the ground, but not for long" said Wasomi "I've got tons of breading on my mask, but I forget to clean it off. I guess it's a good thing my mask is orange because the breading just blends in" said Takatahi "I don't think we needed to know that" said Dinis. Wasomi then stopped paying attention to the Toa as he began to focus on Elige "Hey! What are you doing trying to enter my cave" said Wasomi. Elige wasn't paying attention to what Wasomi was saying as he and Luonto began slowly opening the entrance to the core of Manateeland which also had Luonto's former home in it "Oh well, my Taina worm will kill them...hopefully" said Wasomi. Wasomi then looked at the sun as it began to set and then he said "Once the sun sets, I'll be able to complete the next step of the prophecy" "What does the sun setting have to do with your prophecy" asked Hiari as he was trying to get up to try to sneak up on Wasomi to electrocute him "Well..." Wasomi then cut himself off as he ran directly towards Hiari as he tackled him to the ground "Hiari! Increase the brightness of the sun so the sun doesn't go down" shouted Dinis "OK..." panted Hiari as his attempts to increase the brightness of the sun failed due to Wasomi blocking his vision "Now I'll take that mask of yours" said Wasomi as he knocked Hiari's mask off with one of his Pateri blades "No. No, you can't do that" said Dinis "Quiet or else I'll fire a cursed mask at Hiari" said Wasomi as he waved Hiari's mask into the air "Now, for the rest of your masks" said Wasomi he began taking the other Toa's masks "You won't get away with least not for long" said Dinis as his and the other Toa's body began to change from being their normal vibrant colours to a gray colour "You'll see and soon I'll have what I need to control all of Manateeland" said Wasomi as he leaped into the entrance of the core of Manateeland which lead to the cave he now controls. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Part 64

The Toa finished telling their tales and began their search for Nadharia's body. The Toa along with Elige and Luonto walked to the village of stone where Nadharia's body was last seen, but as they walked to the village of stone Wasomi was in Luonto's cave with his pet Taina worm "Soon, my pet...soon the prophecy will be fulfilled and I'll be able to do something that'll let me take control of Manateeland and everything the Toa stand for" said Wasomi as he gently touched the scale like spiky skin of the Taina worm's back with his Pateri blade. Wasomi then walked to the silver tube which lead him to the surface, but before he did he said to his Taina worm "Stay here and protect my new temporary home" Wasomi then reached the surface and began skipping along to reach the village of stone. Meanwhile the Toa were searching for Nadharia's body "Takatahi! You need to remember where you last saw Nadharia!" said Dinis with rage in his voice "Welll...uh...let's see here...uh...this might take awhile" said Takatahi as he sounded nervous because he forgot a lot of what happened recently "We don't have time for you to be forgetful" said Dinis "Wait, I see something" said Uhuru as he pointed his drill hand towards an unusual shape that the sand made that was near him "What is it?" asked Hiari "I sense this might be what we've come here for" said Uhuru. The Toa all looked astonished at what they were seeing as they saw what appeared to be an imprint of Nadharia's body on part of the sandy ground of the village of stone "So where's the body?" asked Vapous with joy in his voice "Is his body even here?" asked Hiari "Hey Luonto, didn't you say Nadharia could transform into sand?" asked Elige "Yes, yes I did and that must be what happened" said Luonto. Luonto then touched the imprint that on the ground of Nadharia's body using his elbow blades and then the imprint transformed and his body appeared to the Toa and Luonto "Unfortunately, my power isn't strong enough to bring him back to life, at least his body has been found" said Luonto. Dinis and Takatahi grabbed Nadharia's dead body as they lifted it back where all 5 villages meet "Hey! Can I slice his body to pieces when we reach where we're going?" asked Vapous. Hiari then fired a slight bolt of lightning from his lightning saw shields at Vapous which hurt a little bit "Not now brother" said Hiari as his voice sounded serious "Well at least I didn't get zapped or kicked in the crotch" said Vapous "That is a good thing" said Takatahi as he and Dinis were lifting Nadharia's body "Hey! Less talking and more lifting this dead body" said Dinis. "Hey Luonto what are we going to do with his body?" asked Elige "Yeah, I want to know too" said Hiari. Luonto was about to answer, but was briefly cut off by Uhuru "I sense it's for something that's unknown and dangerous to our way of living" said Uhuru "Wow, that's what I was gonna say sort of" said Luonto "What do you mean sort of?" asked Hiari "Well, it's because if my memory is telling the truth, I think Wasomi could be trying to use Nadharia's body to bring Pateri back to life and maybe in his Toa form" said Luonto "I sense that is going to be his intentions if we don't stop him" said Uhuru. Meanwhile Wasomi standing at the part of Manateeland where all 5 villages meet while he was waiting for the Toa to return from finding Nadharia's body. As he was waiting he ate hundreds of buckets of chicken "This will make sure I'm strong and powerful enough to take on all the Toa" said Wasomi as breading from the chicken was starting to cover parts of his mask. The Toa eventually reached the part of Manateeland where all 5 villages meet, but when they did they were in for a problem...Wasomi was now waiting for them. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Part 63

In the village of water, Vaous was waiting for Elige's return and decided to lay back and eat some buckets of chicken "I hope Elige comes back soon because I can't wait to kill him and see his dead body as I kill the reincarnated form of Flying Robot Manatee" said Vapous. A nearby Povu Rahi villager crawled up to him and said "You're brave right?" Vapous responded with pride in his voice and said "Damn right I'm brave" the Povu said to him "Me and some of the other villagers have a challenge for you" "Challenge accepted" said Vapous as he and the Povu then walked up towards a waterfall where a few dozen Ziwa and Povu were standing at the bottom of the waterfall as they cheered for Vapous' arrival. Another Povu walked to Vapous and the other Povu and said "Here's the challenge and it is..." he paused to sound dramatic and then said "Glide to the bottom of the waterfall" The villagers then chanted Vapous' name as he prepared to glide to the bottom "OK, I'm ready" said Vapous as he jumped down the waterfall. It was appearing that Vapous had disappeared as he hid behind the waterfall. The chanting suddenly stopped "Hey is he gone?" asked a villager "Maybe he's dead from being near too much water" said another villager. The villagers then started to argue and almost began fighting with each other, but then "Hey look at the waterfall now!" shouted another villager as they all saw in amazement as Vapous flew up in the air and then a few times glided up and down through the waterfall. He eventually glided to the bottom of the waterfall and landed near where some villagers were and said "I hid to see if you'd all start fighting" Vapous began laughing as he told them that. The villagers at first looked slightly angry at what Vapous had did, but then they cheered his name as they all began laughing at what Vapous had did "You're all so funny when you look like about to fight over something I did" said Vapous as it appeared that he had taken joy in confusing his villagers.

Part 62

While Dinis was waiting for Elige to return, he was busy eating buckets of chicken "These buckets of chicken really help me not feel that angry" said Dinis as he spent his time mostly walking around eating buckets of chicken. A Bendera walked near him and asked "Can I have a bucket of chicken to eat?" Dinis responded in an impatient mood "OK sure, here you go" Dinis then threw a bucket of chicken right at the Bendera. The Bendera villager appeared grateful and said "Thank you for this awesome thing" "Oh you're welcome and next time don't interrupt while I'm eating buckets of chicken" said Dinis. Dinis continued eating buckets of chicken and said "I hope Elige comes back soon because I hope he's not abusing my trust"     

Part 61

In the village of earth, Uhuru was meditating as some Tetemeko were walking by him, they stared at Uhuru as he was still appearing almost dead, one of them walked up to him and his eyes opened. It startled the villager "Wow, you're senses are strong" said a villager "What task do you ask of me?" asked Uhuru " did you know that's what we were going to ask you?" asked the villager "It's because you talking and discussing how I need to help you get a bucket of chicken out of the wall" said Uhuru. The villagers appeared amazed and a little bit scared that Uhuru could hear their conversations "Wow, you're good at eavesdropping" said a villager "It's also because I could hear you all talking so clearly and loudly. Hey maybe next time you should all be more quiet when you're talking" said Uhuru "But, how could you hear what we're saying dozens of feet away from us" said the villager "It's because my senses are super strong and I could feel the vibration of the ground" said Uhuru "We should go. Sorry about interrupting you're weird thing you're doing. Come on let's eat another bucket of chicken." said the villager "I smell the bucket of chicken that's in the wall" said Uhuru. Uhuru then walked towards a wall that was nearby him and then he used his drill to drill the bucket of chicken out of the wall and then grabbed onto it using his claw "Here you go, you're bucket of chicken that got stuck on the wall" said Uhuru. The villager quickly took the bucket of chicken Uhuru had retrieved for him and said in a nervous tone "Uh thanks, next time we should just leave you alone"

Part 60

In the village of stone, Takatahi was sitting underneath the shade of a boulder as he and some Ririki and Matofail species of villagers were also sitting nearby some boulder as they sat back and ate some buckets of chicken with Takatahi "Hey can you all remind me to go to the core when Elige comes back" said Takatahi. Most of the villagers nodded their heads in agreement appearing to not be paying much attention to him and as many of the villagers continued to sit back and eat buckets of chicken, some of the boulders began to move that were behind them. Takatahi didn't notice, but then a nearby Matofail grabbed a pebble that was near him and threw at Takatahi. The pebble hit the telescopic lens on his mask, but it also caused the on button on his telescopic lens to work and as that happened Takatahi stood up from the boulder he was sitting in front of and said "Hey what's going on? Why does my head feel like it hurts?" Then Takatahi looked at some of the villagers as they saw a boulder almost fall and smash onto some villagers "Takatahi come help us" said a Matofail "Don't worry, I know what to do, I think" said Takathi as he lifted the boulder that was almost crushing the villagers. Some of the villagers then said to Takatahi "Hey watch out" a boulder was right behind Takatahi and almost hit him, but then he used his stone hooked claws and sliced into pieces as it was landed/heading right for him "Hey! There's more boulders wobbling" said a villager "Takatahi waited until the dust carried the boulders and flew right at him and then he sliced them into slices with his stone hooked claws. He used his telescopic lens and saw there were boulders nearby that were moving "What should we do now?" asked a villager "It's simple, stay here and I'll slicer those boulders to make flatter and more comfortable to lay back on" said Takatahi. Takatahi continued slicing boulders into slices and then returned to the villagers and said "Now we can lay back and eat buckets of chicken" 

Part 59

In the village of light Hiari was looking into the sky as he stared at bolts lightning and the brightness of the sun clashing together "I wonder what secrets Elige will have to tell us" said Hiari "This place is filled with nothing, but sunshine, lightning and rainbows" said Hiari as he wondered what the greater purpose of life is. Then a Uira flew near him "Hey, why have you come near me?" Hiari asked the villager "Some Hiko have had their ears stuck together and we need your help to make them not stuck" said the Uira "OK, but tell me how they got stuck together?" asked Hiari "Uh...I don't know, but come on let's go" said the villager as both he and Hiari flew down to where a group Uira and Hiko were playing. Hiari then saw about a dozen and a half Hiko as their ears were stuck together "OK I'll get you all not stuck, but first tell me how you all got stuck together" said Hiari. The Hiko didn't remember as they were just play fighting and jumping around. A villager responded to Hiari and said "We don't remember" Hiari appeared disappointed and said "Too bad for you all, now if you excuse me, I've got some buckets of chicken to eat and some thinking some great thoughts" Hiari began walking away and then a villager responded and said "We were play fighting and we went a little too far in realizing that we weren't actually fighting" Hiari then walked up to the villagers and said "OK, I'll help you all" Hiari then used his lightning saw shields and cut off the villagers' ears/antennas, but he separated them too much and accidentally killed them "Oh crap I just killed almost 20 villagers" said Hiari. The Uira flew away from Hiari and said as it was flying "Next time, I'll stay away from Hiari when I've got problems for him to solve"     

Part 58

The Toa each arrived to the part of Manateeland where all 5 villages meet. They saw Elige and Luonto standing there waiting to do something "Hey! It's Elige!" yelled Dinis with relief "Please tell us what you've found out" said Hiari "Wait! Elige sent me a message that I must tell you all" said Uhuru "OK then, tell us what you need to tell us then" said Vapous "That's important and everything, but come on Elige. Tell us what you found out so we can kill you" said Dinis "I received a vision of Pateri's return" said Uhuru as his words sent shivers down the their thoughts "You mean...that things also almost all died to defeat" said Dinis "Yes..." said Uhuru as he was interrupted by Elige "I sent that message to Uhuru and I'll say this and that is Wasomi is Pateri's son and we must stop him before it's too late" "Nadharia has died from battling Wasomi and we must his dead body before Wasomi does" said Luonto "OK then, but why do we have to find his body?" asked Hiari "It's because it's part of a prophecy that's written down on the back of his mask and it's also on mine" said Luonto "Wait. What prophecy? What's going to happen if the prophecy is fulfilled?" asked Hiari "It is something that's gonna destroy everything we stand for" said Luonto "Can you be little bit more specific on what that means?" asked Takatahi as he appeared confused the conversation he was listening to "When we find his body can I slice it into pieces?" asked Vapous. The Toa and Luonto looked at Vapous with disgust. Dinis then said "We'll determine that later, but for now we've got to find Nadharia's dead body" said Dinis as he sounded like he was in a hurry "Where was Nadharia's body the last time any of you saw it?" asked Hiari "Uh...I forgot to tell you this, but I saw Nadharia warn me of Pateri's return and Wasomi and all that stuff, but I forgot" said Takatahi "Why didn't you tell us?" asked Hiari "You forget about too much crap!" said Dinis "Sorry about that, but I was busy hanging out with my villages and eating buckets of chicken" said Takatahi "Why did you forget to tell us about that?" asked Hiari "Well...uh...uh...what did you all do while waiting for Elige to return?" asked Takatahi as he tried to figure out what else to say as he didn't realize until now what he had saw was important "I sense he really forgot what we were talking about" said Uhuru "All right then, let's go find Nadharia's dead body, but first we should talk about what we did while waiting for Elige" said Dinis "Very well then, I guess finding Nadharia's body could wait" said Luonto. The Toa then began to tell stories about what they did while waiting for Elige's return.   

Part 57

At the part of Manateeland where all 5 villages meet, Luonto and Elige were standing around waiting around to see if the Toa would arrive "Whoa! What's that over?" asked Elige "Uh oh, It's a Taina worm. It's a dangerous Rahi that I was once able to create when I was a Toa, but for some reason it's retreating to the core of Manateeland" said Luonto as they both saw in wonder why a Taina worm which is known to eat the insides of it's enemies would be running to the core "How are we gonna tell the others about what I had just been told?" asked Elige "It's simple, use the power of your Kanohi mask of manatees and send a telepathic link to the Toa" said Luonto "OK then" said Elige as he fired a beam out of his mask which was headed to the village of earth. Meanwhile, Uhuru was meditating in the dark shadows of the village of earth which were contrasted with glowing green soil that were keeping the ground together. Uhuru then received a message through a telepathic link by Elige. In the message it created a vision which showed Pateri coming back to life and a dark creature which was Wasomi and as he received this vision, Uhuru began to shake as he began to fear what he had just been sent. Uhuru's eyes began to bulge out of his mask as he said "I must tell the others" Uhuru then fired a beam into the air using his drill hand. Uhuru and the other Toa then ran to where the villages meet.

Part 56

Takatahi and Vapous were chasing the Taina worm as it came closer to reaching the village of fire, it suddenly stopped running and began waiting fro Takatahi and Vapous to reach him. Takatahi and Vapous reached where the Taina worm was waiting "Hey, it's just standing there" said Takatahi "It's killing time" said Vapous as he ran directly at the Taina worm. The Taina worm then jumped at Vapous and began to circle Vapous, but Vapous' water blades glided through the Taina worm's trap "Wow! I almost died" said Vapous. Takatahi then grabbed the Taina worm using his stone hooked claws "Damn, this thing's heavy" said Takatahi as he tried to lift the Taina worm. Vapous then walked up to Takatahi as he attempted to lift the Taina worm and said "I can't wait to kill this thing" "Yeah, because this thing's nothing, but a heavy weight" said Takathi. Then the Taina worm began staring at Takatahi and Vapous as it's eyes glowed a yellow colour. The Taina worm then opened a mouth that hid below it's mask as a giant skeleton like tongue that was coloured dark green came out and began to strike towards the Toa, but they jumped back slightly before the tongue could reached them "What's that piece of crap trying to do?!" asked Vapous as he had fear in his voice "I saw it turn a Toa gray I think" said Takatahi "Oh crap, that super sucks because how are we gonna beat something that's trying to absorb our power?" said Vapous. Vapous then ran up to the Taina worm and fired springs of water at it using his water blades "Let's see if I can clean the weird absorbing things out of you" said Vapous as his focus was on battling the Taina worm. Takatahi then ran behind the Taina worm and began firing boulders at it's backside "Let's see if you're going to back down now" said Takatahi. The Taina worm then collapsed onto the ground "Is it dead?" asked Takatahi "I hope it is because I can't wait to slice this thing into pieces and maybe I'll make some of my villages eat it" said Vapous "That sounds messed up and kind of creepy" said Takatahi "Hey! It only sucks if it happens to you" said Vapous "Yeah, I guess that's kind of true" said Takatahi "OK then, now come on we got to kill this thing completely" said Vapous as he and Takatahi lifted the Taina worm together. As they were holding onto the Taina worm, it began to move slightly and then it leaped away from them "Oh crap this sucks because it's still alive" said Vapous. The Taina worm exposed it's dark green skull like tongue as it ran away "It's headed towards where all 5 villages meet" said Takatahi "Let's make that thing dead for real this time" said Vapous. They then saw the Taina worm enter the entrance of the core of Manateeland "You know what I'm exhausted from this" said Vapous "Me too" said Takatahi "You know what, I'm gonna go now. Bye! For now" said Vapous as he left to return to his village. "Bye brother!" said Takatahi. Meanwhile the Taina worm returned to Luonto's cave which Wasomi now controlled.   

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Part 55

Takatahi was blocking the Taina worm whenever it tried to escape from the village of stone "Looks like you've got a lot to do, but so do I" said Takatahi. The Taina worm's attention then changed as he Vapous running towards the village of stone "Hey! Get back here! Oh man this is going to be bad" said Takatahi "It's going to be bad alright, it's going to be bad for this piece of crap that you're fighting" said Vapous as he ran towards the Taina worm "Vapous wait! We've got to contain this thing!" said Takatahi as he followed Vapous as he was chasing the Taina worm. Meanwhile, Wasomi briefly passed out on the ground "I must heal" said Wasomi as he could barely even breathe or speak "I must return to the cave...but first I must eat a bucket of chicken to give me energy" Wasomi focused his energy as he fired a bucket of chicken out of his mouth and ate it in another mouth. Suddenly Wasomi felt faster and although he didn't completely get back up from the ground, he began to crawl quickly on the ground and eventually entered the entrance of the core of Manateeland. He crawled to the silver tube that lead him to Luonto's cave and as the sound of Wasomi sliding through the silver tube was heard by Elige and Luonto, Elige asked Luonto "Do you think Nadharia won?" "I just hope so" responded Luonto. Elige walked close towards the silver tube to see who or what was coming out of it. Luonto walked to where Elige was and pushed Elige back slightly "Hey! What the crap was that for?" asked Elige "It's because that ain't Nadharia, it's Wasomi" said Luonto as he had fear coming out of his voice slightly. Wasomi eventually came out of the silver tube and as he did he crawled towards Luonto and said "Heal me" "There's no way you're going to get healed" said Elige as he began to lift his claw shield upwards "Yeah, sure if you Manateeland alone" said Luonto "That seems like a somewhat good deal, but let me take your cave and I'll let you both go" said Wasomi as he began to grab hold of Luonto by his shoulders "Hey! Get your weird weapons off of him!" shouted Elige as he slapped Wasomi in the face using his claw shield multiple times to see if it would cause Wasomi's grip of Luonto to loosen, it did but only slightly "Sorry about this, but I've got to do this for wasomi otherwise we could die" said Luonto as he jabbed his elbow blades into Wasomi's Pateri blades it caused his wounds from battling Nadharia disappear and when Luonto finished healing him Wasomi stood up from the ground and said "Thanks and get out of here before I forget my promise" Elige wanted to fight Wasomi, but instead ran upwards through the silver tube with Luonto. They both left the core of Manateeland as they stood at the part of Manateeland where all 5 villages meet "Hey why did you heal Wasomi?" asked Elige "If I didn't we wouldn't have escaped for you to tell the Toa the tale that you've just been told" said Luonto "I know, but I don't think it's worth Wasomi taking control of your cave" said Elige "Now it seems like a big deal, but in the long term it'll mean nothing because Wasomi has just allowed me and you to live which means you're the only one besides me who is living who knows the tail I've just told you" said Luonto as he sounded exhausted, but also relieved. Elige suddenly felt a new sense of confidence now that he knew he could fulfill his duty to the Toa and could tell them about Kankeitto's past.     

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Part 54

Nadharia and Wasomi stood a few feet apart as they waited to see who'd strike first. Nadharia spoke "So how should we determine who attacks first?" as Nadharia said that Wasomi ran at him, striking him using his Pateri blades. Nadharia fell to the ground. Wasomi walked towards where he was, but before he could attack him again, he used his Kanohi Hewa to transform himself into sand. As Wasomi began staring at the pile of sand that Nadharia hid as a group of Ririki were were walking and as they saw Wasomi they began to get scared and started running away yelling "Takatahi! There's something going on!" a few minutes later the villagers reached Takatahi and as saw that they were startled by something "You all look like you've just seen something weird" said Takatahi as he and the Ririki villagers began walking to where Wasomi was. Meanwhile, Wasomi was playing in the sand and said "Hey, are you dead because if you are, then I guess you won't mined if eat this sand that you turned into" Wasomi grabbed a pile of sand out of the ground with his Pateri blades and started putting it in his mouth, but before he it even reached his mouth, Nadharia transformed back into a Toa and jumped away from Wasomi and then he used his sand spear spikes to stab Wasomi in his torso, but it worked too well because Nadharia's weapons were stuck in Wasomi's organs "Oh crap, my weapons are stuck" said Nadharia "Looks like this is going to be easy to defeat you" said Wasomi as he was about to slice Nadharia's arms off with his Pateri bblades, but the pain from Nadharia's sand spear spikes made Wasomi pause as he tried to manage the pain of many of his organs being cut "Damn it, that's really starting to hurt" said Wasomi as it appeared that they were both at a stand still. Takatahi and the Ririki villagers then approached where Nadharia was battling Wasomi as Takatahi shouted "Hey! What are you doing?!" Nadharia took a few seconds to respond as he was too focused to battling Wasomi "I'm battling Wasomi! The guy I told you about!" "Oh, OK then, can you try to be more careful because you're kind of scaring my villagers" said Takatahi "I really don't give a crap about that right now. I'm too busy dealing with this thing that wants to destroy you and your village" said Nadharia as he was starting to get annoyed by Takatahi "Alright then, but I'm going to summon some help" said Takatahi "Nadharia then started to ignore Takatahi and said "Sure, do want you want, but I've some important crap to do" Nadharia then said to Wasomi "Looks like there's one way to defeat you" "I don't know what you're talking about" said Wasomi. Nadharia then began looking down at Wasomi and said "I'll kick your crotch" "No! Don't because that'll hurt" said Wasomi as he began worrying, but before Nadharia could even move one of his legs to kick him in the crotch, Wasomi suddenly fired a cursed mask at him. It caused Nadharia's weapons to let go of his organs as Nadharia was flung back by the high speed the cursed mask was fired at. Nadharia then noticed his weapons were covered in Wasomi's organs as the speed of the cursed mask made his weapons rip many of Wasomi's organs right out of his body "Wow for a cursed mask, this doesn't feel that bad" said Nadharia as immediately afterwards a giant Taina worm flew out of his chest as it ate his insides causing Nadharia's body to change from beige to gray and collapse to the ground. As Takatahi saw what had just he happened he ran to a nearby rock and said "I've got to get some help, but I forget how to do that. Oh well, maybe Vapous can help me" Takatahi then wrote a help message on a rock and flew it towards the village of Water.
Vapaus I need some help dealing with some weird stuff
Meanwhile in the village of water, Vapous was sitting back and eating a bucket of chicken "There's nothing to worry about so far" said Vapous as he was lying on the ground looking at the sky. Then a rock flew by and almost hit him. Vapous sliced the rock in half using his water blades "What messed up thing is this?" Vapous then put the 2 pieces of the sliced up rock together and read the message "So, it looks like Takatahi needs my help, but what does he need help with...maybe it's to remember something. Oh well, I'm on my way" said Vapous as he began running as fast as he could.  

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Part 53

Wasomi leaped into Luonto's cave as Elige said "Look! Who's that over there?" Luonto answered "That's Wasomi" "How can you tell?" asked Elige "It's because of the Kanohi Nyama he's wearing" said Nadharia. Wasomi then rushed towards Elige and jumped on top of him "Hey! Let me go!" shouted Elige "I will...once you give me your dead body" said Wasomi "There's now way I'm letting you have my dead body" said Elige "Fine then, I'll have your alive body" said Wasomi as he was about to fire a cursed Kanohi mask at Elige's face, but before he could Elige blocked the cursed Kanohi mask by using his claw shield. Elige then punched Wasomi in the face using his claw shield and then leaped away from Wasomi "You're more clever than I thought" said Wasomi as his glowing red eyes stared directly at Elige "Very well then, if I can't have a dead Toa, I'll just have a dead Turaga" said Wasomi as he leaped towards where Luonto was standing. Luonto then began to hide himself behind some of the Rahi he created, but Wasomi killed them as he began hiding behind more and more Rahi he had made "Looks like these Rahi are pretty damn weak" said Wasomi as he Pateri blades were covered with the organs and elemental liquids of dead Rahi Luonto had created. Nadharia then transformed himself into sand and waited until Wasomi's attention was directly on finding Luonto "Should I leave here now and return to the surface?" asked Elige. Elige's voice caused Wasomi's focus to return to Elige as he began to leap towards him, but then Nadharia transformed back into a Toa and said "Hey! Wasomi, if you want someone to fight, then fight me and leave those Rahi, Elige and Luonto alone" "Very well then, but there's one thing I ask" said Wasomi "OK then, so was is it you ask?" said Nadharia "We fight on the surface" said Wasomi. Nadharia thought about for a few seconds and then said "Yeah sure" Nadharia and Wasomi then raced towards the silver tube that takes them back to the surface. As they were both being transported back to the entrance of the Core, Nadharia asked "Why are you trying to bring Pater back to life? You know he hates buckets of chicken?" Wasomi answered in a hyper tone "That's not what I plan to do?" They both reached the entrance of the core and then entered the surface of Manateeland "We fight here" said Nadharia as he leaped to the village of stone "Very well then...let the battle begin!" said Wasomi as they both stood a few feet apart as they were about to battle.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Part 52

Meanwhile, deep below in the core of Manateeland, Wasomi was climbing upwards to reach the surface. He was climbing through the core since Elige was created by the Toa "Soon I'll reach the surface and I'll be able to start my plan" The walls he was climbing on were shaking and Wasomi appeared to almost fall, but then he began to grab onto the rock like walls using his claws on his feet. It allowed him place his Pateri blades back into the wall again to provide him stability "Looks like Manateeland can't handle my power" Wasomi's blades were too sharp and sliced through nearly every piece of rock they hit "Damn it, I've got some really awesome power in me" said Wasomi as he realized how unstable the walls he was climbing on were "I can't rest even for a second, I must keep climbing..." said Wasomi as he was trying to save his energy. He then slipped on a sharp rock and fell. As he was falling, he began to forget what he was doing as he was focusing on saving his own life. He then fired a bucket of chicken out of his mouth and ate it through one of his other mouths. It caused his body to glow a yellow and orange colour as he suddenly felt quicker "Now let's see what my power can really do" said Wasomi as he felt energy flow through him due to eating a bucket of chicken. Wasomi then leaped back onto the wall he was climbing to and quickly within a matter of minutes was back to where he was before he fell "Buckets of chicken have some awesome power, I must make sure I never lose this power because then I've got nothing except cursed mask making" Wasomi didn't rest for a minute as he ate a few dozen buckets of chicken each time he felt exhausted. The sun was setting when Wasomi was reaching the end of the rock like walls he had climbed through. As Wasomi was getting closer and closer to the surface he began to hear voices talking "That sound, it sounds familiar and it sounds like something I must protect myself against" Wasomi then began firing cursed Kanohi masks upwards into the air as he tried to break into the surface "Damn it, it's not working. I must make my surroundings feel pain" Wasomi then took his Pateri blades out of the wall and then leaped to the ceiling with his feet. He then went on all fours and stuck his arms and legs into the rock like ceiling. As he prepared to strike whatever was above him. Wasomi didn't wait for than a few seconds until he stabbed his Pateri blades into the ceiling and then the ceiling began to crumble. He quickly leaped through the rubble of the ceiling and entered the surface which appeared dark and was home to Luonto.  

Part 51

Luonto had just finished telling tale from when he was a Toa to Elige. Elige appeared interested and confused at what he just been told, but he was still curious for some reason "So...who's this Wasomi that Nadharia mentioned of?" asked Elige. Luonto was about to answer, but was then interrupted by Nadharia "Wasomi is Pateri's son, sort of" Elige then said to Nadharia "What do you mean sort of?" Nadharia then responded "Wasomi was created by Pateri, You see here long ago, right after Pateri turned Luonto into a Turaga he also gained some of his powers and that allowed him to create some very powerful Rahi and one of the Rahi he created was called Wasomi, but it was a Rahi that would awaken only if it's creator died and one year after Pateri was defeated, Wasomi began to be born" Elige appeared surprised at what he was hearing and said "Why did it take a year for him to awaken?" Nadharia then responded "It's because Wasomi is a species that takes one year to fully develop and gain consciousness" Elige then asked "What type of Rahi were you able to make when you were a Toa?" Luonto then responded "The Rahi I made when I was a Toa were nearly unstoppable and could destroy things such as the Taina worm which is able to eat the insides of those who attack it" Luonto then took a deep breath and asked "So, what else do you want to know?" Elige responded by saying "No, that's about it" Luonto said to Elige "OK, then good bye and remember to tell the Toa what we've told you" Elige was about to leave Luonto's cave and head up back to the surface, but then the ground began to shake slightly, something or someone was about to come out of the ground.